Monday, October 29, 2007

Headlines for 10-28-07

US backing terrorists: Iran Iran has access to evidence of US support for terrorist groups in the Middle East, a senior Iranian official was quoted as saying.

AG pick: Constitution does not prevent wiretapping of terrorists President Bush's choice for attorney general told senators Friday the Constitution does not prevent the president from wiretapping suspected terrorists without a court order.

Cheney's Plan for Iran Attack Starts With Israeli Missile Strike **

Buchanan sees attack on Iran ** Former Republican presidential candidate Pat Buchanan believes the Bush administration will attack Iran before the president leaves office in 2009....."A vote for Rudy becomes a virtual vote for permanent war in the Middle East," he said.

Iraq says Iran agrees PKK crisis can be ended peacefully "Both leaders agreed the activities of the PKK were damaging the interests of Iraq, Turkey and Iran but stressed that military action is not the only option to deal with it. The crisis could be solved peacefully."

Iraq warns Turkey over incursion

No evidence Iran building nukes: UN watchdog chief ** UN atomic watchdog chief Mohamed El Baradei said he had no evidence that Iran is building nuclear weapons and accused US leaders of adding "fuel to the fire" with recent bellicose rhetoric.

Anti-Iran rhetoric raises UN concerns The head of the U.N. nuclear watchdog said Sunday he had no evidence Iran was working actively to build nuclear weapons and expressed concern that escalating rhetoric from the U.S. could bring disaster.

German FM: Military not the answer in Iran

U.S. Military: Iranian-Made Rockets Hit Base Near Baghdad Making the case for war.

Iran steps up preparations for US war **

UK and US play Iraq 'blame game'

Blair failed to handle Bush on Iraq, claims biographer Mr Powell told Dr Seldon: "In the end Blair would always support the president. I found this very surprising. I never really understood why Blair seemed to be in such harmony with Bush. I thought, well, the Brits haven't been attacked on 9/11. How did he reach the point that he sees Saddam as such a threat? Jack and I would get him all pumped up about an issue. And he'd be ready to say, 'Look here, George'. But as soon as he saw the president he would lose all his steam." Chalk it up to Chimpy Love?...

Iran: 'Tell us where Arad is and we'll get him' "If you have the address where he is being held ? give it to us so we could go and get him," he said in a challenge to Israeli officials who have long said that Iran is involved in the case.

Thousands call for swift end to Iraq war

Israel eyes U.S. missile-killer The United States successfully tested a missile-killer that could be integrated into Israel's strategic defense system.

Olmert courts Turkey over airstrike Israel moved to mollify Turkey over its airstrike in Syria last month.

Protecting Israel is San Antonio pastor John Hagee's mission "What I am organizing now coast to coast is to get every pro-Israel church, every pro-Israel pastor, every pro-Israel para-church organization flowing together under one canopy to speak up for Israel in Washington,"

Syria complains about Israel felling cherry trees on the Golan Heights Syria filed a complaint Friday with U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon protesting Israel's chopping down of trees in the occupied Golan Heights to harass farmers, the state-run news agency SANA said.

Age of evidence hurt case on terror funds Andrew McCarthy, a former federal prosecutor who led the 1995 prosecution of Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman and 11 others for the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, agreed that the decade-long lag makes the government's case less compelling.

IAEA chief lashes out over Israeli raid in Syria Neither Israel nor the United States has furnished "any evidence at all" to prove that the Syrian site bombed in early September was a secret nuclear facility, the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency told CNN.

Refugee rappers voice disgust at Lebanon camps "Battalion 5" might conjure up images of the next big computer game, but in Lebanon it's a group of musicians who express the misery of life in Palestinian refugee camps through rap.

Syrian "Nukes"? Not So Fast... (Updated)

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