Monday, October 15, 2007

Headlines for 10-14-07

Iran darkens 2008 White House race ** The specter of a hypothetical US military strike on Iran is emerging as a dominant foreign policy theme in a 2008 White House race already haunted by the war in Iraq.

Turkey shells Iraq border areas amid incursion talk

Congress must approve U.S. attack vs Iran: Pelosi Pelosi said Bush had not requested any congressional authority to take military action in Iran, despite growing U.S. concern over Iran's nuclear ambitions and its support for militant groups in Lebanon and Gaza. Neither of those things, even if true, threaten the AMERICAN national security. And they certainly aren't enough over which to start a war. Preposterous.

Russian leader's 1st trip to Iran viewed as test of Kremlin intentions Any show of support for Iran, such as a pledge by Putin to quickly complete the power plant, could embolden Iran and further cloud Russia's relations with the West.

Putin told of 'assassination bid' Russian President Vladimir Putin has been warned of a plot to assassinate him during a visit to Iran this week, Kremlin officials have said.

More Neo-Cons for Giuliani

Barak heads to U.S. to promote Israel rocket defence Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak heads to the United States this week to promote joint anti-missile projects that Israel considers a prerequisite for any future handover of the West Bank to the Palestinians.

Report: Iran holds Israeli hostages Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's office denied the report. Israeli officials did not provide further details.

Israeli air strike was aimed at Syrian reactor, report says According to yesterday's report, Israel presented satellite evidence of the Syrian reactor to Washington earlier this year, triggering differing views within the administration over whether to back an air strike.

Israeli Jamming Mystery Deepens The interference began shortly after the 6 September Israeli air raid on Syria, which, according to US and UK press reports

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