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Headlines for August 12 - August 18

A Stand For Justice

Iran's Nuclear Chief: Bushehr Plant Will Go Online by Month's End

Iran condemns possible US military action
Iran took its case against the United States to the United Nations on Wednesday and strongly condemned the top U.S. military chief for saying military action remains a possibility if the country develops nuclear weapons.

Russia defends Iran nuclear plant ahead of launch
In somewhat acid remarks typical of the Russian foreign minister's style, Lavrov added: "I would recommend all those who believe this to be a wrong signal to turn to classics, in particular former US president George Bush, who called the Bushehr project an example of cooperation with Iran, in particular in nuclear sphere."

Commentary: Guns of August?
There is little doubt that an Israeli attack on Iran would trigger mayhem up and down the Persian Gulf and trigger a third war that would be yet another force multiplier for the U.S. deficit: Federal spending is now at $3.6 trillion; the national debt, $13.4 trillion; cost per citizen $43,000; cost per taxpayer $120,000. Check the debt clock online -- in real time.

Point of Return: Israeli Generals and Intel Officials Oppose Attack on Iran

Israel has '8 days' to hit Iran nuclear site: Bolton
John Bolton (and all others like him) should be stripped of his US citizenship and put on the next plane to Israel.

Iraqi child cancer 'linked to US weapons'
A report published on The Independent says cancers and other diseases in the city of Falluja are higher than those recorded in the survivors of the atomic bombing in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The Weak Case for War with Iran
the Islamic Republic is not Hitler's Germany, particularly regarding Jews. No matter how many anti-Zionist or even anti-Semitic quotes Gerecht, Goldberg, and others may marshal from Iranian politicians, inconvenient realities undermine the Islamic Republic/Third Reich analogy: Roughly 25,000-30,000 Jews continue living in Iran, with civil status equal to other Iranians and a constitutionally guaranteed parliamentary seat. It is illegal in the Islamic Republic for Muslims to consume alcohol --but Jews (and Christians) are permitted wine for religious ceremonies and personal consumption.

Hillary’s Enemies List by Philip Giraldi
The State Department report sometimes seems like a press release for the Israeli Foreign Ministry. Regarding the horrific Israeli invasion of Gaza and its aftermath...Nothing about Israeli provocations and no mention of the deliberate destruction of schools and infrastructure and the targeting of UN relief operations or the high level of civilian casualties.....The report suggests a new, heavily armed and malignant axis of evil. It clearly makes opponents of Israel the designated bad guys and fails to note that US intelligence has not been able to confirm Tel Aviv’s allegations, making one wonder why uncorroborated claims from biased foreign sources should appear in a United States government document without any additional caveats.....So Israel’s enemies are America’s enemies and Hillary won’t let you forget that fact. All Americans should read this.

A campaign for war with Iran begins
Obama administration officials, as well as U.S. lawmakers and European diplomats, passionately made the argument this spring that tough sanctions on Iran were necessary to avoid war. But contrary to their predictions, the drumbeat for war -- particularly from Israel – has only increased since the U.N. Security Council adopted a new resolution against Tehran in June.

Iran to build 10 uranium enrichments plants in mountain strongholds

Israel to buy world's most advanced warplane
Delivery of the first F–35s, which are still not yet operational, is expected only in 2015, the paper said.

Israeli Generals and Intel Officials Oppose Attack on Iran

Jobless millions signal death of the American dream for many
Joblessness has taken hold in America, with the numbers of long-term unemployed reaching levels not seen since the Depression of the 1930s. The figures are frightening and illustrate a society that remains in deep trouble......America appears to be a society splitting down the centre, shattering the middle class that long formed the cultural bedrock of the country and dividing it into a country of haves and have-notsAmerica appears to be a society splitting down the centre, shattering the middle class that long formed the cultural bedrock of the country and dividing it into a country of haves and have-nots This is hardly the time to get sucked into yet another war in the Middle East, at Israel's urging (again).

How Propagandists Function

John Bolton: Russia's Loading of Nuke Fuel Into Iran Plant Means Aug. 21 Deadline for Israeli Attack
News that Russia will load nuclear fuel rods into an Iranian reactor has touched off a countdown to a point of no return, a deadline by which Israel would have to launch an attack on Iran's Bushehr reactor before it becomes effectively "immune" to any assault, says former Bush administration U.N. Ambassador John R. Bolton.

A Neocon Preps US for War with Iran
The neocons seem to be as strong now as under George W. Bush, with their Real-Men-Go-to-Tehran-type macho undiminished.

Iraq to Iran: Propaganda for War

Romania says it will stand by Israel in event of conflict with Iran

25,000 Jews live in Iran
25,000 Jews live in Iran. It's the largest Jewish population in the Middle East outside of Israel. Iranian Jews are not persecuted or abused by the state, in fact, they are protected under Iran's constitution. They are free to practice their religion and to vote in elections. They are not stopped and searched at checkpoints, they are not brutalized by an occupying army, and they are not herded into a densely-populated penal colony (Gaza) where they are deprived of the basic means of survival. Iranian Jews live in dignity and enjoy the benefits of citizenship.

Repercussions of an Israeli attack on Iran -

Israel, the bomb, and openness
It's time for Israel to come out of the closet. After five decades of maintaining a nuclear weapons program without acknowledging its existence, Israel should proactively announce and provide information about its nuclear weapons status. Though Israel's bombs have long been an open secret, unprecedented international scrutiny in coming years will make this "nuclear opacity" increasingly untenable.

How propagandists function Exhibit A - Glenn Greenwald
Goldberg wouldn't possibly claim what he claims now -- that the 1981 strike permanently halted Saddam's "nuclear ambitions" -- because, back then, his goal was to scare Americans about The Threat of Saddam. So in 2002, Goldberg warned Americans that Saddam had "redoubled" his efforts to turn Iraq into a nuclear power after the Israeli attack, i.e., that Saddam had a scarier nuclear program than ever before after the 1981 bombing raid. But now, Goldberg has a different goal: to convince Americans of the efficacy of bombing Iran, and thus, without batting an eye, he simply asserts the exact opposite factual premise: that the Israelis successfully and permanently ended Saddam's nuclear ambition back in 1981 by bombing it out of existence (and, therefore, we can do something similar now to Iran)....The purpose of this Atlantic article is as obvious as it is odious: to mainstream the debate over an Israeli or American attack on Iran by defending its rationale, all masquerading as objective reporting

Why Israel Wants a US War with Iran
Last month, in The Weekly Standard, Reuel Marc Gerecht made the case for an Israeli strike against Iranian nuclear targets. With the publication of Jeffrey Goldberg's "The Point of No Return" in the Atlantic, the campaign for war against Iran is now arguing that the United States should attack so Israel won't have to.

AP: Arab nations lobby U.S. on anti-Israel vote
Islamic nations have long called for Israel – which is widely believed to have nuclear arms – to open its program. But the fact that the Arab League has directly approached Washington and other Israeli allies for support at the September meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency is significant, considering that President Barack Obama last month warned against using that forum to single out Israel.

Hamas leader: Ground zero mosque must be built
Mahmoud al–Zahar said Muslims "have to build everywhere" so that followers can pray, just like Christians and Jews build their places of worship.

Some Muslims question mosque near ground zero

How the US economy is being 'Japanised'
As things stand, the US is rapidly beginning to look like Japan (a country that has as yet failed to recover properly form a property and stock market bubble that burst in 1990). Like Japan, the US appears to be stuck with a zombie banking system, ineffective monetary policy, an ever-rising national debt and persistently low economic growth.

Economic Growth Prospects Dim in U.S. After Retail Sales, Trade Reports
America can ill afford another war in the Middle East.

US 'Virtually Certain' to Fall Into A New Recession: Rosenberg

US unemployment: Don't let the elite pass the buck
The point is that a large part of Congress, large enough to block any action on jobs, cares a lot about taxes on the richest 1% of the population, but very little about the plight of Americans who can't find work.

Pro-Mosque Mom Who Lost Pregnant Daughter In Trade Center: 9/11 Families 'Not Monolithic'
"There is no simple, singular 9/11 group who really should or could speak for all 9/11 family members," said Donna Marsh O'Connor of September Eleventh Families for Peaceful Tomorrows, a coalition of more than 250 families which recently endorsed the mosque. Since the endorsement, the membership numbers have grown, she said.

Barack Obama 'may be prepared to meet Iranian president’

Turkey to continue sending fuel to Iran

New intelligence on Iran antiaircraft missiles in Afghanistan
The WaPo is making the case for war.

When Shuls Were Banned in America
When New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg stood on Governors Island, in sight of the Statue of Liberty, and forcefully defended the right of Muslims to build a community center and mosque two blocks from Ground Zero, he expressly made a point of distancing himself from an earlier leader of the city: Peter Stuyvesant, who understood the relationship between religion and state altogether differently than Bloomberg does.

Poll: NY voters opposed to mosque near ground zero
The Siena College poll showed 63 percent of New York voters surveyed oppose the project, with 27 percent supporting it. That compares with 64 percent opposed and 28 percent in favor two weeks earlier, results that are within the polls' sampling margins.

Obama warns Turkish PM over stance on Israel, Iran: report
President Barack Obama has warned the Turkish prime minister that Ankara's position on Israel and Iran could lessen its chances of obtaining US weapons, a report said Monday.

Republicans attack Obama over Muslim center comments

Muslims pray daily at Pentagon's 9/11 crash site
As part of its massive renovation, the Pentagon opened the nondenominational chapel in November 2002. The chapel hosts a daily prayer group and weekly worship service for Muslims and provides similar services for Jews, Hindus, Mormons, Protestants, Catholics and Episcopalians.

Pentagon officials say that no one in the military or the families of the victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks has ever protested.

Facts don't calm debate over New York Islamic center

Former New York City Republican Mayor Rudy Giuliani, on NBC Thursday morning, called putting a Muslim prayer space near ground zero a "desecration."

Giuliani failed to mention that such a prayer center already exists about six blocks from ground zero and has been in lower Manhattan since 1970, the year the World Trade Center opened to its first tenants.

Read more:

FACT CHECK: Islam already part of WTC neighborhood
A New York imam and his proposed mosque near ground zero are being demonized by political candidates – mostly Republicans – despite the fact that Islam is already very much a part of the World Trade Center neighborhood. And that Muslims pray inside the Pentagon, too, less than 80 feet from where terrorists attacked.

'Ground Zero Mosque' Imam Helped FBI With Counterterrorism Efforts

Culture Jihad by Patrick J. Buchanan
Indeed, if, as backers claim, the purpose of this Cordoba mosque and community center were healing, reconciliation, and harmony, it has failed in its purpose. It has already had the opposite effect, enraging and dividing the city and country. Patrick J. again weighing in on the mosque issue. The comments are interesting.

ADL Continues To Suffer Harsh Criticism for Its Opposition to Mosque Near Ground Zero
“It is a betrayal of our first principles, and it’s tearing the league apart,” said one board member, who asked not to be named.

Lebanon debates giving Palestinians rights

Iran sanctions helping Ahmadinejad: Karroubi

Ground Zero mosque as wedge issue Muslims vs. 'real' Americans -

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Headlines for August 5 - August 11

A Stand For Justice

Food Stamp Use Hit Record 40.8m in May
The number of Americans who are receiving food stamps rose to a record 40.8 million in May as the jobless rate hovered near a 27-year high, the government reported yesterday. America can ill afford to embark on another war in the Middle East (this time, with Iran).

Iraq Veterans Against the War Calls for Prosecution of Bush Administration Officials for War Crimes
At its seventh annual national convention in Austin, Texas, IVAW called for the prosecution of senior Bush administration officials for allegedly conspiring to manipulate intelligence in order to justify the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

No Blank Checks for the GOP — or Likud by Patrick J. Buchanan
is startling to learn 47 House Republicans just signed on to H.R. 1553 declaring unequivocal “support for Israel’s right to use all means necessary to confront and eliminate nuclear threats posed by Iran … including the use of military force.”

These Republicans have just given Tel Aviv a blank check for a pre-emptive war that Israel, unless it uses its nuclear weapons, can start but not finish. Fighting and finishing that war would fall to the armed forces of the United States

U.S. Funding for Israeli Missile Defense Programs Reaches New High
Our government must protect Israel at all costs, even as its own citizens go hungry. Thank Israel's lobby.

A Cakewalk Against Iran by Philip Giraldi
A resolution (HR 1553) is making its way through Congress that that would endorse an Israeli attack on Iran, which would be going to war by proxy as the US would almost immediately be drawn into the conflict when Tehran retaliates. The resolution provides explicit US backing for Israel to bomb Iran, stating that Congress supports Israel’s use of "all means necessary…including the use of military force." The resolution is non-binding, but it is dazzling in its disregard for the possible negative consequences that would ensue for the hundreds of thousands of US military and diplomatic personnel currently serving in the Near East region.

Russia Ready to Launch Iranian Nuclear Power Plant
The Iranian state owned FNA news service reports that the head of Russia's Atomic Energy Agency Sergei Kirienko will visit Iran in late August to attend a ceremony to inaugurate the country's first nuclear power plant in the southern city of Bushehr.

Will Israel Really Attack Iran Within a Year?
Based on dozens of interviews the Atlantic correspondent conducted in recent months with Israeli, American and Arab officials, Goldberg came to the conclusion that the likelihood of an Israeli strike has crossed the 50 percent mark. And Israel might not even ask for the famous "green light" from the U.S. - or even give couple of false pre-attack alerts, so that Washington won't try to stop the unilateral operation......Israel is trying to convey the message not only through the official channels - Israeli military intelligence chief Major General Amos Yadlin visited Chicago recently to meet with the billionaire Lester Crown, one of Obama’s supporters, and asked to him to convey Israel's concerns to the American President, Goldberg reports.

New al-Qaeda leader lived in U.S. for years
Adnan Shukrijumah, 35, has taken over a position once held by 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who was captured in 2003, Miami-based FBI counterterrorism agent Brian LeBlanc told The Associated Press in an exclusive interview. That puts him in regular contact with al-Qaeda's senior leadership, including Osama bin Laden, LeBlanc said.

Iran ready for talks with Washington, says Khamenei aide

Afghan civilians dying at a faster pace, U.N. says
Most of the civilian casualties — nearly 1,300 dead and almost 2,000 injured — were caused by improvised bombs, which are also the principal killer of NATO troops. Insurgents are building not only more bombs, but more powerful ones, the U.N. said.

U.S. and EU fail to isolate Iran
Efforts by the United States and its European allies to build a united front to halt Iran's nuclear program are facing increasingly bold resistance from China, Russia, India and Turkey, which are rushing to boost their economies by seizing investment opportunities in defiance of sanctions imposed by the West......The countries say they will honor the weaker set of sanctions imposed on Iran in June by the U.N. Security Council, but are under no obligation to follow the more stringent rules that the United States and European Union tacked on in July.

Report: U.S. downgrades Saudi arms deal over Israeli concerns
The Wall Street Journal said Monday that the United States had signed on to sell dozens of F-15 fighter jets to Saudi Arabia, but that details in the final deal had been negotiated to quell Israeli concerns over the possible exchange.

IAEA: Iran activates enrichment equipment

Iran pays 25 pct more for gasoline
Sanctions on Iran's fuel imports are forcing the Islamic Republic to pay well above the market rate for its gasoline, figures from the Turkish government seen by Reuters showed on Thursday.

Eyes on the Skies Over Bushehr Nuclear Reactor
Iranian and Russian nuclear scientists and officials have announced Bushehr's reactor will soon be receiving its first shipment of nuclear fuel 36 years after construction first began on the project.

This claim may be quietly fueling speculation that a military strike on Iran by Israel - or the U.S. - may be imminent.

Mayor Bloomberg’s Monumental Folly by Patrick J. Buchanan
But the issue here is not religious tolerance. There are a hundred mosques in New York City.

The issue here is the appalling insensitivity, if not calculated insult, of erecting a mosque two blocks from a World Trade Center where 3,000 Americans were massacred by Islamic fanatics whose Muslim religion was integral to their identity and mission. Not sure I agree with Pat on this one, but the comments are interesting.

Israel-Lebanon border clash has Israel complaining of Hezbollah's influence - Yahoo! News
“In a way, the Israelis are shooting themselves in the foot with their criticism of the Lebanese Army,” says Timur Goksel, a university lecturer in Beirut and former official with the UNIFIL peacekeeping force in south Lebanon. “They had been saying for years that they want the Lebanese Army to deploy along the border [to replace Hezbollah] and now [that they have]... they are saying they’re terrorists.” Israelis will complain about anyone that doesn't bow down and kowtow to them.

Decline of the Middle Class as Metaphor for the Decline of America
America's falling to pieces as we shovel billions to the Middle East to make it a safer place for Israel.

U.S. Is Bankrupt and We Don't Even Know
Most likely we will see a combination of all three responses with dramatic increases in poverty, tax, interest rates and consumer prices. This is an awful, downhill road to follow, but it’s the one we are on. And bond traders will kick us miles down our road once they wake up and realize the U.S. is in worse fiscal shape than Greece. America's falling to pieces as we shovel billions to the Middle East to make it a safer place for Israel.

Governments Go to Extremes as the Downturn Wears On
Plenty of businesses and governments furloughed workers this year, but Hawaii went further — it furloughed its schoolchildren. Public schools across the state closed on 17 Fridays during the past school year to save money, giving students the shortest academic year in the nation and sending working parents scrambling to find care for them. America's falling to pieces as we shovel billions to the Middle East to make it a safer place for Israel.

Camden Closing Library System
New Jersey's most impoverished city will close all three branches of its public library at year's end unless a rescue can be pulled off. America's falling to pieces as we shovel billions to the Middle East to make it a safer place for Israel.

Hezbollah accuses Israel of Hariri assassination
The leader of Lebanon's Hezbollah militants presented aerial reconnaissance footage Monday that he said implicates Israel in the 2005 assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

Iran Holocaust-denying website angers Israel

Social Security in the red this year
Social Security will pay out more this year than it gets in payroll taxes, marking the first time since the program will be in the red since it was overhauled in 1983, according to the annual authoritative report released Thursday by the program's actuary.
America is getting poorer as we continue to shovel billions to the Middle East to Israel and others in order to make the world a safer place not for us, but for Israel. Because, our support for Israel actually endangers us. It was the sole motivation given by the mastermind of the 911 attacks, Khaled S. Mohammed.

Lebanon: US military aid halt is 'unwarranted'
"We will address the concerns that congressional leaders have rightfully raised about what happened recent and what it's potential implications are," Crowley said. "But nonetheless we continue to support our assistance programs to Lebanon."
I would think Congress would have more important things with which to concern itself. Such as things having to do with AMERICA.

Syria, Iran underline support for Lebanon against Israel

Arab Majority Backs Nuclear Iran
A new poll shows that the percentage of the Arab world that thinks a nuclear-armed Iran would be good for the Middle East has doubled since last year and now makes up the majority. You'll note that the critic of the poll who was cited in this article is from the WINEP, a thinktank associated with AIPAC, Israel's lobby. Naturally they're going to try to refute this poll's findings; it goes against their propaganda effort to paint the Arab world as in opposition to Iran obtaining nuclear weapons.

Lebanon: We'll reject U.S. military aid if weapons can't be used against Israel

Tariq Aziz: 'Britain and the US killed Iraq. I wish I was martyred'
Aziz says the events of 9/11 were shocking to him and Saddam.

"We were against that at the time, but we were not speaking to the American government. Saddam Hussein called me and said he would like me to write a letter to Ramsey [Clark, a former US attorney general] and say that we condemn the attack. I did that."

Speak No Evil by Philip Giraldi
surely Clemons knows that Ross and Makovsky are leading members of the Israel Lobby. Ross, who is currently at the National Security Council, has been described as “Israel’s lawyer” while Makovsky is a senior fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, a think tank founded by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. They are gatekeepers whose purpose in life is to protect Israel from any and all criticism. To suggest that as policymakers they have been focused on doing what’s best for the United States and its citizens is contradicted by their personal histories and their recorded statements. That they receive a free pass and even a pat on the head from Clemons and others is precisely why US foreign policy is as dysfunctional as it is.

Jewish Leaders Enter Fray Over Islamic Center Near Ground Zero
All three Jewish groups issued statements affirming the right of Rauf and his allies to build the center. But the ADL, unlike the others, said it was opposed to the construction. “This is not a question of rights, but a question of what is right,” the ADL said.

The Mosque and Us
Before it became a cause célèbre for Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich and other rank opportunists, before the Anti-Defamation League sullied a once-noble reputation by siding against religious liberty, before the tweets and satellite trucks spun this all out of control, the plan to turn an eyesore of an empty building two blocks from Ground Zero into a mosque and Islamic center was embraced as a sign of true healing.

Google-Verizon Pact Worse than Feared

Saving Women and Preventing Genocide: The Real Reasons We’re in Afghanistan Now
So now the cheerleaders for war would have us believe that they are more concerned for the welfare of Afghan civilians than are those who wish to end the US occupation.

Britain's Cameron criticized for Iran nuke gaffe
Opposition politicians are needling British leader David Cameron for telling a town hall audience that Iran has a nuclear weapon.

Turkey backs petrol sales to Iran
Turkey will support petrol sales by Turkish companies to Iran, Energy Minister Taner Yildiz told Reuters on Wednesday, despite U.S. sanctions that aim to squeeze the Islamic Republic's fuel imports.

Kucinich Bill Will Stop the Extrajudicial Killing of Americans
It has been reported that the CIA and the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) maintain lists of individuals they can target for execution simply for being suspected of involvement in terrorism, in subversion of their most basic constitutional rights and due process of law. These individuals can be targeted for killing at anytime, despite being far from any battlefield, wherever they may be.

Tony Blair Must Be Prosecuted
Since stepping down as prime minister in 2007, he has accumulated an estimated £20 million, much of it as a result of his ties with the Bush administration. The House of Commons Advisory Committee on Business Appointments, which vets jobs taken by former ministers, was pressured not to make public Blair’s "consultancy" deals with the Kuwaiti royal family and the South Korean oil giant UI Energy Corporation. He gets £2 million a year "advising" the American investment bank J P Morgan and undisclosed sums from financial services companies.

China is a barometer on whether Israel will attack nuclear plants in Iran
China’s defiance irks the US to the point that American officials are now openly critical of Beijing. Perhaps the US knows something about Israel’s intentions toward striking Iran that China doesn’t. A prime opportunity for Israel to strike Iran would be this fall, just before the US elections when politicians are most prone to support Israel despite its actions.

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Headlines for July 29 - August 4

A Stand For Justice

July Is Deadliest Month of Afghan War for US
Three U.S. troops died in blasts in Afghanistan, bringing the death toll for July to at least 63 and surpassing the previous month's record as the deadliest for American forces in the nearly 9-year-old war.

Obama Warned Israel May Bomb Iran by Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity
This time around, Mullen returned with sweaty palms from a visit to Israel in February 2010. Ever since, he has been worrying aloud that Israel might mousetrap the U.S. into war with Iran, while adding the obligatory assurance that the Pentagon does have an attack plan for Iran, if needed. Veteran intelligence officials including Philip Giraldi and Ray McGovern warn our government about the impending strike on Iran by Israel, and the consequences. These intelligence veterans are heroes.

Afghanistan Civilian Deaths: NATO Data Shows Sharp Increase In Attacks After Civilians Killed
Each time U.S. or NATO forces accidentally kill Afghan civilians, insurgents and their sympathizers typically retaliate with six additional assaults on foreign forces over the next six weeks, researchers using newly declassified NATO data conclude

United States, Iran to Restart Talks
Significantly, Iran has reportedly told Turkey that it is prepared to halt further enrichment of uranium from 3-5 percent to 20 percent (the level needed for the Tehran medical research reactor) in hope of restarting the accord reached last October in Geneva

Lebanon, Israel clash near border; at least 4 dead
Lebanese and Israeli troops exchanged fire Tuesday in a fierce border battle that killed a senior Israeli officer, two Lebanese soldiers and a journalist – underlining how easily tensions can re–ignite along the frontier where Israel and Hezbollah fought a war four years ago.

Chas Freeman Lets Rip on Israel as a Strategic Liability
having been very publicly and unfairly discredited by the pro-Israel crowd, Freeman can walk that rare line and speak honestly about the Jewish state without drowning in the caveats that accompany most such attempts in Washington. All Americans need to read the excerpt of Freeman's speech.

US boosts Israeli missile funding
US House appropriators have pushed funding for Israeli missile defense programs to its highest level ever, with $422.7 million now slated for 2011.
Americans need that money more than Israel does.

Lebanese president: Stand up to Israel
Lebanese President Michel Suleiman has vowed to "stand up to Israel's violation of Resolution 1701, whatever the price" following the border flare-up between the Lebanese and Israeli armies Tuesday.

Assad: We'll support Lebanon in face of criminal Israeli aggression
Three Lebanese soldiers and one Lebanese journalist were killed Tuesday when Israeli soldiers exchanged fire with Lebanese soldiers at the border.

No Blank Checks for the GOP — or Likud by Patrick J. Buchanan
Since June 1914, a “blank check” given by one nation to another for war has been regarded as strategic folly.

Thus it is startling to learn 47 House Republicans just signed on to H.R. 1553 declaring unequivocal “support for Israel’s right to use all means necessary to confront and eliminate nuclear threats posed by Iran … including the use of military force.” These Republicans have just given Tel Aviv a blank check for a pre-emptive war that Israel, unless it uses its nuclear weapons, can start but not finish. Fighting and finishing that war would fall to the armed forces of the United States...Indeed, the principal purpose and result of an Israeli pre-emptive war on Iran, bringing retaliation on Israel, would be to drag America in to fight and finish a war Israel had begun.
The mainstream media has still refused to pick up this story.

US military chief admits to Iran attack plan
Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said military action against Iran could have "unintended consequences that are difficult to predict in what is an incredibly unstable part of the world."
The only reason we would have such a plan in place is in the event that Israel strikes Iran, which Congress has veritably given via resolution 1553.

White House Pushes for Warrantless Access to Internet Records
The White House has asked Congress to make it possible for the FBI to demand that Internet service providers turn over customers' records in cases involving terrorism or other intelligence issues without first obtaining a court order. Those that would trade liberty for security deserve neither..

Iran: Ready for Nuclear Talks With Vienna Group
Iran's nuclear chief says his country is ready to enter negotiations with the United States, Russia and France on a possible nuclear fuel agreement.

Iran warns of unforeseen consequences in event of US attack
Iran's chief diplomat was commenting on remarks by Mike Mullen, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, who said Sunday that the US has an attack plan prepared against Iran.

More War All the Time by Philip Giraldi
A featured op-ed in yesterday’s Washington Post is entitled in the printed edition “A Nuclear Iran. Would America Strike to Prevent it?” with the subtitle “Imagining Obama’s response to an Iranian missile crisis.” The authors are Steven Simon and Ray Takeyh, both fellows of the Council on Foreign relations, where leading neocon Max Boot also hangs his hat.

China says it disapproves of EU sanctions against Iran

Iran official: We have obtained the S-300 missile system

U.S. Blacklists Iran Military Leaders, 21 Firms
Massa Israel pleased.

Sanctions-hit Iran defiant but 'ready' for nuclear talks

Obama’s a Bigger Big Brother Than the Last Guy
Obama seems driven to break every campaign promise he ever made and become the biggest Big Brother of them all. After flipping the script on Patriot Act reformists last year when he supported the extension of unconstitutional law enforcement provisions he once criticized, now he wants to broaden the amount of information the FBI can access without warrant for so-called counter-terror investigations:

Damascus: Syria-Saudi ties are none of U.S.'s business
Abdullah will hold talks with Syrian President Bashar Assad in the Syrian capital before they travel together to Beirut on Friday to try to calm tension over a tribunal to try suspects in the 2005 assassination of Lebanese statesman Rafik Hariri. They are, thanks to Israel. Israel's problems have become OUR problems.

Australia approves new Iran sanctions
Outside the pro-Israeli lobby in America, its counterparts reside in Canada, Australia and Britain.

Republicans offer Israel green light to bomb Iran

Turkey Summons Israel Ambassador over Barak Remark
Turkey has summoned Israel's ambassador in Ankara, Gabi Levy, to a diplomatic dressing-down following remarks by Defense Minister Ehud Barak Sunday. Barak expressed concern that Turkey's new undersecretary of the National Intelligence Organization (MİT), Hakan Fidan, could pass classified Israeli information into the hands of Iran.

Coming Home at Last? by Patrick J. Buchanan
what did the Iraqis do to deserve this? Did they attack us?

No. They had nothing to do with 9/11 and had complied with the U.S. demand to eliminate all weapons of mass destruction years before the U.S. Army stormed in to discover and destroy those weapons....Have the politicians, journalists and think-tank geniuses who dreamed up these wars suffered ignominy and disgrace?

Not at all. They are debating and devising a new war — with Iran

Who Owns General Petraeus by Philip Giraldi
Many who harbor political ambitions rightly fear the power of the Israel Lobby, but fear is a far remove from affection. Many Congressmen held hostage by the Lobby resent it and long for the time when they would be able to support genuine American interests relating to the Middle East. Petraeus surely understands that no one can get nominated by a major party to run for president of the United States if the Israel Lobby and its media supporters say no. The mainstream media ignored this story, as one would expect.

War on terror's other cost: undeserved anger at all Muslims
We encountered not one single moment of hostility, not from anyone anywhere in that devoutly Muslim country. It was 1998.

Flare-up over tree accents Israel-Lebanon tension
The clash started after an Israeli soldier on a crane dangled over a fence near the border early Tuesday to trim a tree that could provide cover for infiltrators. The Israelis said they clear such underbrush at least once a week and coordinate their actions with UNIFIL, the peacekeeping force that has been in the area for more than 30 years.

Price for a potential Israeli strike on Iran A Palestinian state.
My prediction: Israel will strike Iran, drawing the US into a wider war, and there still won't be a Palestinian state in the near future.

The Real Aim of Israel’s Bomb Iran Campaign
What is important to understand about this campaign is that the aim of Gerecht and of the right-wing government of Benjamin Netanyahu is to support an attack by Israel so that the United States can be drawn into direct, full-scale war with Iran.

That has long been the Israeli strategy for Iran, because Israel cannot fight a war with Iran without full U.S. involvement. Israel needs to know that the United States will finish the war that Israel wants to start.

Foxman Really Outdoes Himself on Mosque Issue
The ADL’s Abe Foxman, who harshly attacked Gen. David Petraeus when the general asserted Congressional testimony earlier this year that the lack of progress toward an Israeli-Palestinian peace settlement made his job throughout the Arab world more difficult, is, of course, a pillar of the so-called “Israel Lobby.”

Russian company: US sanctions bar Iran plane deal
U.S. sanctions against Iran over its nuclear programme are preventing a state-connected Russian company from delivering five passenger jets to Iran under a 2007 contract, the head of the company said on Tuesday.

The Law of Return at 60: Revisiting (and Revising) a Zionist Pillar
In 1950 and even in 1970, Israel was still a poor and fledgling state surrounded by enemies. Anyone who wanted to immigrate was, almost by definition, someone who desired to cast his or her lot with the Jewish people.

Today’s Israel, by contrast, is economically prosperous and, hence, a potential magnet for immigrants. At the same time, it is a society suffering from deep social cleavages. The Law of Return and the corresponding citizenship law need to be reformed to meet Israel’s current needs.
Read the excerpt by Freeman in this news batch. Americans by the millions get food stamps as billions of our taxpayer dollars are handed to 'economicall prosperous' Israel.

Why put an attack on Iran back on the table?
I suspect that the real reason for the new flood of commentary calling for attacks on Iran is simply that hawks hope to pocket their winnings from the long argument over sanctions, such as they are, and now push to the next stage in the confrontation they've long demanded

Does the Middle East Face an Israel-Lebanon Regional War?

A Neocon Re-write of American History
Boot is not just some obscure neocon hawk. He is Gen. David Petraeus’s BFF. In one recently publicized e-mail exchange between them, they discussed how the general could back away from his congressional testimony which mildly criticized Israel. At the end of one e-mail, Petraeus thanked Boot with a sideways happy face made from a colon, a hyphen and a closed parenthesis, :-) .

Russian oil companies may sell gasoline to Iran

Time's 'horrific' cover: Honesty or sensationalism?
Atrocities like the ones endured by Aisha are still happening. But "we have been fighting the cancer" of the Taliban "for nine years now, and we have not gotten rid of it." A

US to press China, UAE, others on Iran sanctions
The United States announced Thursday that top officials will fan out starting next week to China, the United Arab Emirates, and other key countries in support of tighter sanctions against Iran.

Newt Gingrich Suggests Attacking Rest Of 'Axis Of Evil'
Sure, 'Newtie', as long as you, along with every other neocon proponent of such attacks, are on the FRONT LINES, you hypocritical traitors.

Pakistan's intelligence officials' UK visit cancelled
Pakistan has cancelled visit of its senior intelligence experts to Britain over remarks of British Prime Minister David Cameron who accused Islamabad of exporting terrorism across the world, reports said Friday.

Poll: Nearly 6 in 10 Pakistanis view US as enemy
Folks, unlike Iran, Pakistan HAS NUKES NOW. And Pakistan, not Iran, harbors Al Qaeda, and many in the ISI are seemingly Al Qaeda sympathizers. And yet we are all to believe, thanks to Israel and its minions in our government, that Iran is the number one threat.

Is Pakistan Killing Our Troops?
This is the same Pakistan Hillary Clinton called our “partner joined in common cause” while promising $500 million in foreign aid. War, like politics, makes for unsavory bedfellows. Is the US knowingly making cash payoffs to a government that mobilizes and arms its adversaries?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Headlines for July 22 - July 28

A Stand For Justice

Congress, on behalf of Israel, about to declare war on Iran
The mainstream media in America has thus far ignored this issue.

Who Voted for War With Iran, Mr. Obama? by Philip Giraldi
House of Representatives resolution 1553, introduced by Congressional Republicans, and currently working its way through the system will endorse an Israeli attack on Iran, which would be going to war by proxy as the US would almost immediately be drawn into the conflict when Tehran retaliates. The resolution provides explicit US backing for Israel to bomb Iran, stating that Congress supports Israel’s use of “all means necessary…including the use of military force”. The resolution is non-binding, but it is dazzling in its disregard for the possible negative consequences that would ensue for the hundreds of thousands of US military and diplomatic personnel currently serving in the Near East region.

Blix: U.S. 'High On Military Action' Before Iraq War
At a London hearing, Blix said those who were "100 percent certain there were weapons of mass destruction" in Iraq turned out to have "less than zero percent knowledge" of where the purported hidden caches would be found. And yet, not one person in America has been held accountable for this.

American Jews don military uniforms for volunteer service
They left their comfortable lives in lap of their families for meals in soldiers' residence during combat training. Volunteers of 'Aish Machal' project come to contribute to Israel in only way they see fit – military service ......"Nathaniel told me that if he's going to take a bullet, he'd rather take one in Israel, for the country," Is there something wrong with joining the military of the country in which they were residing - AMERICA? We've got TWO WARS going on, something is not right with this picture. A MUST READ from start to finish.

Clarification: BC-US--US-Iran story
The Associated Press reported that former CIA Director Michael Hayden told CNN's "State of the Union" that U.S. military action against Iran now "seems inexorable." A spokeswoman for Hayden responded that he made his reference to Iran's push toward acquiring a nuclear program and not to military action.

British PM visits Turkey: Iran, Gaza on agenda
British Prime Minister David Cameron visited Turkey on Tuesday, saying the world needs Turkey's help in pushing Iran to address concerns about its nuclear program and harshly criticizing Israel's raid on a Gaza–bound flotilla that killed nine Turkish activists.

Cameron, addressing Turkish businessmen, also declared that Britain was a staunch backer of Turkey's troubled bid to join the European Union. The visit – coming early in his term – was a measure of Britain's acknowledgment of Turkey as a critical ally in a conflict–prone region.

Israel, U.S. sign deal to upgrade Arrow missile shield
The Arrow III will allow Israel "to deal with the threat of ballistic missiles with long range" and will give it "the ability to shoot down weapons of mass destruction outside the atmosphere," the ministry said in a statement.

America pays, and pays again (in more ways than one) for Israeli 'security'.

Resolution Green-Lighting Israeli Strikes on Iran Introduced by House Republicans
Hawkish former Bush Administration official John Bolton recently laid out the game plan to prod Israel into attacking Iran, arguing that outsiders can "create broad support" for a strike by framing it as an issue of Israel's right to self defense. Supporters for military strikes, Bolton says, should "defend the specific tactic of pre-emptive attacks" against Iran. He urges that Congress can "make it clear" that it supports such strikes and that "having visible congressional support in place at the outset will reassure the Israeli government, which is legitimately concerned about Mr. Obama's likely negative reaction to such an attack." John Bolton is a traitor to the American people, and ought to be treated as such. He works FOR ISRAEL.

House Republicans Giving Green Light for Israeli Strike on Iran
Such a move puts our troops in the region in grave physical danger.

Audit: US cannot account for $8.7B in Iraqi funds

EU, Canada adopt new sanctions against Iran

Ex-CIA chief: Strike on Iran seems more likely now
Michael Hayden, a CIA chief under President George W. Bush, says that during his tenure a strike was "way down the list" of options. But he tells CNN's "State of the Union" that such action now "seems inexorable."

TAC Goes Nonprofit — and Needs Your Help

Iran offers terms to halt 20 percent uranium enrichment
Iran sent a letter to the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna on Monday, saying it was ready to negotiate the details of exchanging 2,646 pounds of its own 3 percent enriched uranium for 265 pounds of 20 percent enriched uranium.

As WikiLeaks Shake Washington, Congressmen Propose Vote to Exit Pakistan
"We already know the U.S. has had missile strikes inside Pakistan since March of 2005 with a lot of innocent villagers killed. All that we can do is to expand the war into Pakistan, destabilize that government and have the United States fighting on still another front. We have to get out of Pakistan and that's why Ron Paul and I have come together, for the first time, to force a vote on this question."

US 'Fails to Account' for Iraq Reconstruction Billions
The funds in question were administered by the US Department of Defense between 2004 and 2007, and were earmarked for reconstruction projects.

But, the report says, a lack of proper accounting makes it impossible to say exactly what happened to most of the money.

Iran won't trade with countries imposing sanctions

Respect Which Authorities?

Russia: EU sanctions on Iran 'unacceptable'
Russia on Tuesday criticized the decision by the EU to impose a fresh round of sanctions on Iran. Using sanctions outside the UN Securtiy Council framework was "unacceptable," a Foreign Ministry statement released in Moscow said.

Terror’s Self-Licking Ice Cream Cone By Ray McGovern
Neither contractor nor intelligence agency staffers seem to see much incentive in touching the third-rail issue with which even former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld openly wrestled — what motivates these incorrigible terrorists to attack the United States and U.S. targets?

Not even his Princeton pedigree seemed of much help to him in figuring this out, so he opted for torture. Yet, there is zero appetite to address what effect U.S. invasions and occupation of Muslim countries and our Siamese-twin relationship with Israel might be having among young Muslim men.

Israel to UN: North Korea arms proliferation destabilizing the Middle East
Hey pot, this is the kettle calling.

Ahmadinejad says Russia part of anti-Iran campaign

Israel lauds new EU nuclear sanctions on Iran

Iraqi city has higher cancer rates than Hiroshima

Israel linked to exiled sheikh's bid for 'coup' in Gulf emirate of RAK
Israel is aiding an exiled Arab sheikh who is vying to seize control of a strategically important Gulf emirate only 40 miles from Iran.

ADL accepts Oliver Stone apology over Holocaust, U.S. Jews remarks
"I do agree that it was wrong of me to say that Israel or the pro-Israel lobby is to blame for America’s flawed foreign policy," Stone said in a statement released on Wednesday, adding that his comment was "not true and I apologize that my inappropriately glib remark has played into that negative stereotype." Are you f'king kidding me, Oliver Stone? You are 100 % CORRECT. Why the hell did you back down from the truth?

Reading the tea leaves
hopes received a hard knock by reading here that a lion’s share of GOP congresspeople with Tea Party ties signed on to an idiotic resolution endorsing an Israeli military strike on Iran. The resolution is dumb in the first place, because Israel would only attack Iran if it had assurances that the US would step in to clean up the mess, and basically continue the war Israel started. But since that war would probably immiserate the United States with oil price spikes, plus ramp up the casualties in Iran and Afghanistan, it’s a bad deal

Ahmadinejad says expects U.S. to attack MidEast soon
Iran expects the United States to launch a military strike on "at least two countries" in the Middle East in the next three months, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told state–run Press TV.

USS Liberty survivor Death was possible on Gaza freedom flotilla

Medvedev 'mouthpiece' of Iran enemies: Ahmadinejad

Iran supports three insurgent groups in Iraq: US general
"It's very difficult to say if the extremist groups are directly connected to the Iranian government," he said. But I'm sure this will still be used as a means to go to war.

Pipes: To Get Obama To Act, Netanyahu Should Threaten To Nuke Iran
a recent interview with the right-wing Christian Zionist Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry, neoconservative pundit Daniel Pipes shared his view that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should threaten to use nuclear weapons against Iran as a means of “applying pressure” on the United States. Pipes is another traitor to America. An attack by Israel on Iran puts our troops and our missions in the region in GRAVE DANGER. Pipes, Kristol, Bolton, most of US Congress and countless others that are pushing for support for such a strike are all TRAITORS. They do not have the interests of AMERICANS as their primary concern.

Haters Go After the 'Ground Zero Mosque' by Justin Raimondo
To begin with, the proposed Islamic center – not a mosque, but the Muslim equivalent of the YMCA – a nonprofit foundation wants to build in New York City isn’t at "ground zero," it is four blocks from the site of the World Trade Center. But that doesn’t deter demagogues like Newt Gingrich and various other unsavory opportunists from making it into a political issue.