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Headlines for 06-15-08

Bush attacks Iran over rejection of nuclear offer Mr Sarkozy, who has strongly supported Washington on the issue, used harsher language

Iran rules out nuclear halt after powers offer deal

Major powers offer Iran deal to end nuclear row Top EU diplomat Javier Solana handed Iran a major powers' offer of trade and other benefits on Saturday to coax it into suspending sensitive nuclear work, but Tehran ruled out any halt of its uranium enrichment.

Iran again rules out nuclear halt Iran again ruled out suspending sensitive nuclear work on Saturday, despite an offer by six world powers of trade and other benefits to try to coax it into stopping activities the West fears are aimed at making bombs.

Iraqi refugee crisis grows as West turns its back

Saudi King: 'We will pump more oil' In return for what, mewonders?

Bill Presses Iraq To Recognize Israel To the many challenges facing the fledgling Iraqi government, Congress may soon add this: Recognize the State of Israel and establish diplomatic ties with Jerusalem, or else risk losing some of the billions in aid that Baghdad receives from the United States. Wow.

How Iran Has Bush Over a Barrel If wasn't clear before it should be now: the Bush Administration can't afford to attack Iran. With gas already at $4 a gallon and rising almost every day, Iran figuratively and literally has the United States over a barrel. As much as the Administration is tempted, it is not about to test Iran's promise to "explode" the Middle East if it is attacked......Israel cannot attack or contain Iran on its own; it needs the full military might of the United States behind it. Which is why Israel is trying to force us - with a kind of blackmail of their own - into yet another Middle East war on their behalf.

Israeli hawks pushing for strikes on Iran "The most likely scenario is that the Israelis will train and prepare as if they are very serious ? and that's part of the bluff to get the U.S. engaged," said John McCreary, a retired intelligence analyst for the U.S. Department of Defense.

Brzezinski Says Bush Should Dissuade Israel From Attack on Iran In an interview on Bloomberg Television's ''Political Capital with Al Hunt,'' Brzezinski said an armed conflict between Israel and Iran would widen to include the U.S. as Iran struck back against American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Bush: Stopping Iran key to solving Mideast problems "When you go to the Middle East and you sit in my seat and listen, yes, there's concern about the Palestinian state. But the dialogue has shifted dramatically from 'solve the Palestinian state and you've solved the problems in the Middle East' to, now, 'solve the Iranian issue and you solve the problems in the Middle East'," US President George W. Bush said during an interview with The Observer, published on Sunday. The Israelis, Bush's puppeteers, shifted that dialogue for us.

'Israel Lobby' authors in Jerusalem: Ahmadinejad not inciting to genocide "With all due respect, I don't think it is my words that harm Israel, but rather Israel's actions." .....Mearsheimer said Israel's brutal treatment of Palestinians helped fuel terrorism against the United States and that, unlike in Israel, there was no healthy debate on the matter in America.

Lebanon sees need for Israeli withdrawal not talks Lebanon poured cold water on Wednesday on Israel's hope that Beirut would follow Damascus in opening peace talks with Israel, saying the Jewish state had to withdraw from what Beirut considers its occupied land.

What should have been said to AIPAC The candidates' fixation on Iran's nuclear program should not obscure the fact that Israel has its own robust nuclear deterrent, which means Iran would be committing suicide if it attacked Israel with nuclear weapons

Bush, French president criticize Iran, Syria Sockpuppets for Israel.

Egypt sees Iran "on a surge" in Arab world "You now find that Iran is on a surge and it imagines that it is able to influence the region. Perhaps they can influence the region, but we always say to our friends in Iran: 'Let the influence on the region be positive,'" he said.

Israeli cluster bomb kills Lebanese man Hisham el-Ghossein, 39, was killed in the village of Qantara, near the southern town of Marjayoun, after stepping on the bomb while working in his field, the official said.

Israel is pushing the U.S. to attack Iran "There is only one country in the world that is putting any pressure on the U.S. to attack Iran, and that is Israel," Mearsheimer told a packed lecture hall at Hebrew University, according to the Jerusalem Post. "And it is putting enormous pressure on the US."

Israel offers jailed Lebanese for Hezbollah swap Israel has told Lebanon's Hezbollah guerrillas via German mediators it would be willing to free jailed Lebanese fighters in exchange for two soldiers abducted in 2006, Israeli security sources said on Sunday.

Video: ron paul: nancy pelosi pulled iran bill on orders of israel

Israel sends envoys to Turkey for Syria talks

Top airport security expert in Israel to inspect LAX anti-terror measures Israel's top airport security official will make periodic reviews of anti-terrorist measures at Los Angeles International Airport under an agreement signed today during a visit here by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.....City Councilman Jack Weiss, who arranged the Israelis' 2006 visit, said the agreement is believed to be the first ever between a U.S. airport authority and a foreign government. In the United States, federal authorities are responsible for security inside airport terminals.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Headlines for 06-11-08

Older veterans now helping vets of Iraq and Afghanistan Using veterans who have recovered from psychological injuries to help others through the healing process is a novel, even a controversial approach. But there's growing evidence of its effectiveness, and it's now gaining greater acceptance in the US and abroad. ......Repeated and extended deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan are driving psychological injuries upward, say military and civilian doctors, despite a spectrum of new government programs aimed at preventing and treating them.

Bush Pushes Europe to Toughen on Iran in Farewell Tour

Bush warns Iran of 'all options'

EU to freeze Iranian bank assets if nuclear enrichment continues

Group Forms To Head Off War on Iran the campaign also has the backing of a smattering of right-of-center groups, including the American Conservative Defense Alliance, the Libertarian Party, and the American Cause, which is headed by Patrick Buchanan.

McClellan To Testify About CIA Leak McClellan writes that then-White House political adviser Karl Rove and then-vice presidential chief of staff I. Lewis ?Scooter? Libby deceived him about their involvement in the leak ? prompting him to pass on inaccurate information to reporters.

'Hotline to Iran' Aims to Head Off War

Investigate This By Scott Ritter

Senate report exposes key role of the Israel lobby in fomenting war with Iran What the second portion of the Senate report shows, however, is that we are also prisoners of the Israel lobby, which is inexorably pushing us into war with Iran

War? the campaign to discredit Rice seems to have hit its mark. Not only did she sound defensive in her own speech to AIPAC Tuesday morning, but she assumed a more-hawkish tone on Iran than she had previously

Nuclear fallout Shaul Mofaz's declaration that Israel will attack Iran has roiled the oil markets and strengthened Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Anti-US sentiment hits record high America is viewed unfavourably by 82 per cent of people in Arab countries, while US popularity has fallen 45 per cent in Indonesia and 27 per cent in the UK.

Not a gift and not a farewell Prime Minister Ehud Olmert received a farewell gift from U.S. President George W. Bush: The magnificent F-35 Lightning Strike Fighter.

Bush says regrets tough guy talk on war Bush told The Times he wanted to "leave behind a series of structures that makes it easier for the next president" to tackle issues such as Iran's nuclear programme and establishing a Palestinian state.

Olmert calls for Israel-Lebanon talks Have a listen to what Israel did to Lebanon in '06 as told by Patrick J. Buchanan - it's at the end of this you tube video.

Deadly Fallout From Obama's Groveling Before Israel Lobby Presidential candidates have been kowtowing to the Israeli Lobby for decades, so what else is new? Well, what is new is that the world has come to realize that all such blind, unquestioning support for Israel?s most criminal objectives is a real threat to world peace. Such rhetoric is no longer confined simply to the Jewish vote in America. It has actual impact on the lives of people in the Middle East.....And while the U.S. has no more troops left with which to invade Iran, as Sen. Joe Lieberman and the Israeli government wants us to do, both Israel and the Bush Administration have plans to bomb Iran?s phantom nuclear program

Congress gets behind Israel's aid request A year after U.S. President George W. Bush agreed to increase military aid to Israel by 25 percent, it now seems that all political obstacles that had prevented Democrats in Congress from coming on board and supporting the extra aid have been lifted.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Headlines for 06-09-08

Iraq will not be used against Iran, PM vows Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki sought to reassure Iran over a planned security pact with Washington on Sunday, vowing Iraq would never be used as a platform to attack the Islamic republic.

EU, US ready for extra Iran sanctions: report

Iraqi PM assures Iran on security Iraq will not allow its territory to be used to attack Iran, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki has said during a visit to Tehran.

Kucinich presents Bush impeachment articles

Iraq Shiites echo Iran concern on US pact Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki was in Iran on Sunday in a bid to reassure its leaders over a proposed US defence pact but the Shiite premier faces domestic opposition too to the mooted deal.

EU's Solana 'probably' going to Iran Sunday for nuclear talks

Russia says preparations for Iran nuclear reactor startup set for autumn

Make No Mistake: McCain's a Neocon McCain is a hard-line neoconservative who buys into Bush?s ?preemptive war? theories abroad and his concept of an all-powerful ?unitary executive? at home.

US presence blamed for Iraq woes Iran's supreme leader has told the visiting prime minister of Iraq that the root cause of his country's woes is the presence of US troops there.

Fearing Escalation, Pentagon Fought Cheney Plan

Israel tries to play down minister's warning of attack on Iran Defence officials criticised Mofaz, saying his comments would make it more difficult for Israel to convince the international community to intensify its efforts. Political rivals accused him of exploiting Israel's fear of Iran for political gain.

1967 attack shows how U.S. goes too easy on Israel While the loss of life is tragic, the total failure of the U.S. government and the U.S. Navy to pursue this matter and assess blame proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the nation of Israel is free to take any action it deems necessary, and the U.S. government will raise no objection, even when American lives have been lost.

Iran vows 'painful response' if Israel attacks

The Iran Trap Obama, in a miscalculation that will have grave consequences, has given his blessing to the widening circle of violence and abuse of the Palestinians by Israel and, most dangerously, to those in the Bush White House and Jerusalem now plotting a war against Iran.

Iran's Lebanese 'aircraft carrier' "Israel is a fact now. And we are acting with this fact. Our border is the Lebanese border". He told me Hezbollah has no desire to conquer Israel, just to recover Lebanese prisoners and land they say is still occupied by the Israelis.

The Right--This Time the 'Washington Times'--Identifies Pro-Israel Agenda for Iraq War

How will Britain respond to being slapped in the face by Israel? The fact that President Michel Sleiman had asked Williams on Wednesday to help end Israel's serial violations of Lebanese sovereignty - and its continuing occupation of the Shebaa Farms and other areas - cannot have been lost on Israeli commanders.

IAEA chief hits out at Israel again over Syria attack

The fallacy of Islamic 'national suicide' "National suicide" will soon be an incantation by neoconservative and other pro-Israeli pundits and politicians on the "bomb Iran" bandwagon.

Israel and Syria talks set to resume: Israeli officials

Tough Words From This Cheney on U.S. Mideast Policy Cheney also made clear her view that the recent efforts by Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to broker an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal are taking resources away from dealing with Iran

Monday, June 9, 2008

Headlines for 06-07-08

The Spy Who Loves Us by Philip Giraldi The brunt of Israel's treachery is revealed by former CIA counterterrorism official Philip Giraldi. Kudos!

US issues threat to Iraq's $50bn foreign reserves in military deal The US is holding hostage some $50bn (£25bn) of Iraq's money in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to pressure the Iraqi government into signing an agreement seen by many Iraqis as prolonging the US occupation indefinitely, according to information leaked to The Independent.

Accused 9/11 mastermind must now protect US secrets the United States is asking Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to safeguard some of its national security secrets. That's part of the rules Mohammed must follow after being granted the right to represent himself before a military tribunal that could hand him the death penalty.

Oil hits $139 as jobless figures stun US Already jittery oil markets were sent into spasm by remarks from Israel's transport minister that an attack on Iranian nuclear sites looked "unavoidable". Any attack on the country would threaten supplies from the whole region.

Report: Olmert to urge U.S. attack on Iran

Iraq PM in Iran talks amid debate over US pact Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki arrived in Tehran on Saturday for talks with Iranian leaders, amid controversy over a mooted deal with Washington on a long-term US troop presence in Iraq.

Olmert aides: Progress made with U.S. on forging common view on Iran Olmert did not elaborate on what, if any, Israeli-U.S. plans had been created for curbing the Iranian nuclear program. But his aides said he had cemented the sale by the United States of advanced F-35 warplanes to Israel, as well as bilateral cooperation on missile-defense systems.

Daniel Pipes: If Obama Wins, Bush Will Attack Iran in November

Intelligence [sic] Committee Report

Israeli threat to attack Iran over nuclear weapons Mofaz is Israel's transport minister, but he is also a former chief of staff, privy to secret defence planning as a member of the security cabinet, and leads regular strategic talks with the US

US says it will emphasize diplomacy with Iran The White House on Friday reiterated it would focus on diplomacy to persuade Iran to renounce sensitive nuclear activities after an Israeli official said force was the only option left.

West is 'resigned' to Iran bomb: Israeli minister Ben-Eliezer insisted he was not advocating a preventive military strike on Iran but said "Iran should know the price it will have to pay when it begins to think concretely about attacking Israel."

Oil price soars as US woes mount

Preventing the next war? In the first half of 2008, newspaper front pages and television news have begun repeating a message about a Middle Eastern country that has not attacked the United States but which allegedly "poses a grave threat," "may build nuclear weapons" and "must be prevented from making war on its neighbors." In

Iran protests to UN over Israel attack warning

Israel ponders implications for Jewish state of Obama presidency Some in government quarters are concerned that Obama, the presumptive Democratic nominee, might be soft on Iran, pressure Israel to make concessions on the Palestinian track and even change the tenor of the strategic relationship between Israel and the United States.....The consensus was that because support for Israel is so strong in both Congress and American public opinion, no president would take a radically different tack.

Analysis: Growing talk of Iran attack One scenario being discussed by Israeli analysts is that there could be an attack, by Israel or by the Americans, after the US election in November and before the new president is inaugurated in January, with the tacit consent of the incoming president. That might be easier if it is Senator Obama's Republican rival John McCain.

Water crucial to Golan talks The rain and snow that falls on the Golan, added to natural spring-water, ultimately provides Israel with about one-third of its fresh water.

Middle East Pop Quiz by Charley Reese On behalf of which country has the U.S. vetoed the largest number of U.N. Security Council resolutions?

Obama Capitulates - to the Israel lobby The U.S. would almost certainly be drawn into the conflict if Israel carried out its threat, and Olmert knows that

US looks to increase Israeli deterrence US House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Howard Berman said he was open to removing the restriction on F-22 sales to boost Israeli deterrence and indicated that aid to the Palestinians could be affected by a Hamas-Fatah deal, in an interview with The Jerusalem Post Thursday.

Commentary: AIPAC and liege fealty Israel is the largest recipient of direct economic and military U.S. aid since the creation of the Jewish state 60 years ago. It also receives its annual aid from the United States at the beginning of the fiscal year so that it can earn interest. Other foreign aid recipients get aid in quarterly installments......Bellicose anti-Iran statements at the AIPAC convention got the biggest hand. Neocon kingpin Richard Perle made another pitch to put Iran next on the terrorist regime hit list.

Ledeen: It?s 1938-1941, Hitler is Hezbollah, al-Qaeda, Khomeinists, Wahabis, Etc.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

41 years later - still no justice for the USS Liberty

It was June 8, 1967

Our men were viciously attacked 41 years ago
and the perpetrators got away with it.

They were napalmed during an attack by air and by sea that lasted for 75 minutes. Israel sought to sink their ship, and it was due to the sheer heroism and bravery of the men on board - some of whom didn't make it - that that ship stayed afloat. These men and their families have sought and have been denied justice for 41 years. Please support their efforts.

According to the Google news index, the ONLY major news service to note this anniversary is the UPI. An outrage.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Headlines for 06-05-08

Iran says answered bomb allegations and "matter over"

Khamenei rejects charges Iran seeking nuclear bomb

Nuclear report: parsing Iran's intent the IAEA's technical report and the interpretations of its findings are spinning into an overheated strategic standoff between Western nations, Israel, and Iran that, analysts say, may become reason for a military strike against Iran.

Revealed: Secret plan to keep Iraq under US control A secret deal being negotiated in Baghdad would perpetuate the American military occupation of Iraq indefinitely, regardless of the outcome of the US presidential election in November.

Rep. Waxman Seeks Access to Bush, Cheney Interviews on CIA Leak

Senate: Iranian intel concealed from CIA, DIA The Iranians told Pentagon employees about a tunnel complex in Iran used to store weapons and move its personnel covertly out of the country, likely into Afghanistan in the post 9/11 war period, according to the report by the Senate Intelligence Committee. Still don't buy this.

Bush to push Europe on Iran, climate change

Report accuses Bush of misrepresenting Iraq intel The committee says officials wrongly linked Saddam Hussein to the Sept. 11 attacks and al-Qaida; claimed Iraq would give terrorist groups chemical, biological or nuclear weapons, and said Iraq was developing drone aircraft to spread chemical or biological agents over the United States.

Iran trying to complicate US-Iraq military talks: ambassador the US ambassador to Baghdad said here Thursday.

U.S. intelligence chief in Israel to discuss Iran Mike McConnell, the director of U.S. national intelligence, is in Israel to hear its spymasters' arguments that Iran could obtain nuclear weapons within two years, Israeli officials said on Wednesday.

US, Israel: World not doing enough to counter Iran The United States and Israel said Tuesday the rest of the world isn't doing enough to stop Iran from getting the bomb and accused Iran of continuing a covert drive for nuclear weapons, although U.S. intelligence has said Tehran quit its active warhead program years ago.

US to give Israel "security package," report says The 'security package' Israel will receive will enhance Israel's defence against long-range missiles, and includes radar, as well as cruise missiles and a permanent hook-up to a worldwide warning system that identifies whenever a ballistic missile is launched from anywhere.

Olmert to ask Bush to step up action against Iran Israeli Premier Ehud Olmert will ask President George W Bush Wednesday to step up US and international action against Iran and prepare for a possible military strike against its nuclear facilities, the Yediot Ahronot daily reported.

'Unavoidable' attack on Iran looms, says Israeli minister "If Iran continues with its programme for developing nuclear weapons, we will attack it. The sanctions are ineffective," Mofaz, who is also Israel's transport minister, said in comments published today by the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper.

Bush to Olmert: 'Existential' Iran threat must be taken seriously The Washington talks came a day after Olmert issued his
toughest warning yet to Tehran, saying Iran's nuclear program must be stopped by "all possible means."

Did Iranian agents dupe Pentagon officials? Defense Department counterintelligence investigators suspected that Iranian exiles who provided dubious intelligence on Iraq and Iran to a small group of Pentagon officials might have "been used as agents of a foreign intelligence service ... to reach into and influence the highest levels of the U.S. government," a Senate Intelligence Committee report said Thursday. This load of bs smells since it would seem an attempt to absolve the neocons of their responsibility for going into Iraq.

During D.C. visit, Olmert eschews goodbyes in favor of Iran talk Olmert said he and Bush discussed "means, ways and a timetable" in getting Iran to end its suspected program. "Each day that passes we take another step to deal with this effectively," Olmert told reporters after the meeting. "The United States is not just a partner but the leading factor in these efforts.".....Asked particularly about reports that he is urging Americans to lead a blockade of Iranian ports, Olmert would say only that "it is important to tack action not just through the U.N. Security Council. Nations can also take steps."

Syria says Israel terms signal not serious on peace

Syria tells IAEA ready to cooperate: diplomat

Delegates Behaving Badly Attracting the powerful is one of the most effective ways that Aipac demonstrates its own clout. And, let it not be forgotten, a strong pro-Israel lobby helps to ensure a strong Israel.......Aipac has insisted on this ? and it has monitored its own delegates? behavior to ensure that its conferences do not become partisan rallies. It could not be otherwise, or Aipac would lose its ability to lobby through changing administrations and shifting congressional majorities. Note the source.

The unpromised land Imagine the shock-horror: Barack Obama attends the conference of an organisation whose former officials face trial for spying on the United States! It would be all over the blogs, except that John McCain and Hillary Clinton were attending the AIPAC conference this week in Washington DC as well, pandering to the lobby that will get you accused of anti-Semitism if you quote its own website about its power.

UN clears cluster bombs from areas of south Lebanon Almost half of the areas in southern Lebanon contaminated with cluster bombs dropped by Israel in 2006 have been cleared, a UN official said on Wednesday.

Obama Works A Tough Room at AIPAC In case anyone missed the point, Obama added: "I will do everything in my power to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon." He repeated that sentence twice, for emphasis. And for additional emphasis, he said again: "Everything." To become the president of THIS country, you must bow down to ISRAEL.

Obama at AIPAC As president I will use all elements of American power to pressure Iran. I will do everything in my power to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. Everything in my power to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. Everything

Will Obama Stand Up to the War Party? Senator McCain's major talking point before the AIPAC crowd was that Obama voted against the Kyl-Lieberman resolution, which designated the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, a branch of the Iranian government, as a terrorist organization, giving U.S. forces carte blanche to attack

U.S. tells Syria not to restrict U.N. nuclear probe

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Israel spying on the United States of America - new article by Philip Giraldi

It has not been made available online yet, but the latest (June 2) issue of The American Conservative has on its cover the title of a story - "The Spy Who Loves Us" by former CIA counterterrorism official Philip Giraldi.

Be on the lookout for it folks, it is a doozy. It mentions the art students, neocons, the Israelis caught celebrating at Liberty Park on 9/11, Dominik Suter, industrial espionage, and much more.

Make some noise about it, and most importantly SUBSCRIBE TO THE AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE. It is imperative that we all support voices like Philip Giraldi, Pat Buchanan, and many more.

Almost all of Giraldi's columns deal with Israel, its lobby (including the neocons) or some combination thereof. That's why it is very important that we all show our support to keep these voices heard.

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Headlines for 06-03-08

Rice Calls Dialogue With Iran Pointless

A Sensible Path on Iran By Zbigniew Brzezinski and William Odom

IAEA demands 'full disclosure' from Iran, sends team to Syria

US says Iran-trained militia leader held in Iraq It did not name the suspects but said the group's leader was the "top criminal" in Kut, 175 kilometres (109 miles) southeast of Baghdad, and was allegedly involved in murdering Iraqis and attacking US troops.

Iran 'not seeking' nuclear arms Iran's supreme leader has insisted it will continue its nuclear activities for civilian purposes only and will not manufacture nuclear weapons.

Reclaiming the American Right

McClellan's Warning on Iran by Ray McGovern White House spinners are at it again ? "fixing" the intelligence around the policy, this time on Iran. The fixing is obvious, but don't expect to hear about it from the FCM. Olmert is on his way to Washington to provide us with more 'evidence' of Iran's nuclear program, no doubt.

Iran Accusations Merit Skepticism by Philip Giraldi Israel is now playing the same game in an attempt to implicate Iran. An odd series of "leaks" to the media last week by Israeli security sources reporting anonymously seeks to demonstrate that Iran is supplying sophisticated weapons to both Hamas and Hezbollah and playing a major role with a number of militant groups......There is another sure sign that what the Israelis are putting out is disinformation. The Israel National News Service reported the same story and attributed it as "according to the Associate Press." In fact, the source is the Israeli government itself ? the Associated Press was only reporting the story. Using a planted bit of information to confirm the same information that has been planted elsewhere is a classic intelligence service technique.

Both McCain, Obama exaggerating Iran's nuclear program In a major speech Monday to a powerful Jewish American lobbying group, McCain asserted that Iran is actively developing nuclear weapons that threaten the security of Israel and could be passed to terrorist groups.

How Cheney Outfoxed His Foes on Iran and EFPs McCormack thus revealed that the State Department wasn't buying the accusation that Iran was manufacturing EFPs and sending them to the Shi'ite forces of Moqtada al-Sadr's Mahdi Army fighting against U.S. forces.

McCain: Iraq troop pullout bad for Israel McCain also criticized Obama by name for his support of troop withdrawals from Iraq, arguing that would jeopardize Israel's security and lead to civil war and genocide. To applause, McCain declared, "We must not let this happen."

Olmert to leave for Washington Olmert is also expected to address several sensitive intelligence issues during his US visit, with Iran topping the list. Israel has been providing the US with intelligence regarding the Iranian nuclear program, in an effort to demonstrate that the Islamic Republic is making progress in its pursuit of a viable nuclear weapon. Read that again.

Israeli warning over nuclear Iran Speaking during a visit to Washington, he said Tehran must be made to see it would suffer devastating repercussions if it pursued atomic weapons. Washington and Israel's agents therein are being given their orders.

McClellan Was Right About Iraq The Bush administration's main motive for invading Iraq was to introduce "coercive democracy."
This, in turn, originated in a controversial 1996 White Paper titled "A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm," which referred to Israel. It advised then incoming Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to repeal the Oslo agreements for a Palestinian solution, keep Gaza and the West Bank under Israeli control, and establish democracy in Iraq by overthrowing Saddam Hussein.

Ahmadinejad calls Israel "false regime" of Zionists Europe is bearing the economic and political costs of a "false regime" of Zionists, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Tuesday in his second verbal attack on Israel in as many days.

Iran nuclear bid must be stopped by all possible means: Olmert "The Iranian threat must be stopped by all possible means. International economic and political sanctions on Iran, as crucial as they may be, are only an initial step, and must be dramatically increased," Olmert said in a keynote speech before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

Rice: U.S. will cooperate with Israel on missile defense system in face of Iranian threat

UN atomic watchdog to investigate claims of secret Syrian reactor Diplomats said it was unclear whether the inspectors would be allowed on the al-Kibar site. If they are, the IAEA is likely to shed new light on an episode that remains shrouded in mystery, with flat denials from Damascus, uncharacteristic silence from Israel and US insistence that the facility was being built by North Korea - which also denies any involvement.

Iran sanctions figure large in AIPAC lobbying

Can Barack Obama be a friend of Israel if he talks to Iran? The Republican National Committee is already circulating damaging quotations from Mr Obama. These include comments such as ?nobody is suffering more than the Palestinian people?, an apparent failure to remember that Israel is among America?s closest allies, as well as a suggestion that the violence of Hezbollah and Hamas ?weakens their legitimate claims?.

New Qaeda release expected from No. 2 Zawahri Al Qaeda's second-in-command Ayman al-Zawahri is expected to issue a new statement calling for an end to Israel's economic blockade of the Gaza Strip, U.S.-based Internet monitors said on Tuesday.

McCain to AIPAC: I'm committed to making certain Israel maintains military edge Republican presidential candidate John McCain told a meeting of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) on Monday that the US would not accept a nuclear Iran under his leadership.

AIPAC?s in Town, and the Line-Up is Hawkish

Syria says Israel should face nuclear checks Syria's official press lashed out at the United States and Israel on Tuesday over claims it was building a secret nuclear reactor, and said the Jewish state's own atomic facilities should be subject to international inspection.

Israel must quit all Syrian land for peace: Assad

Syria to allow UN probe of alleged nuclear site

Aipac Instructs Delegates To Stay 'Positive' Left out of the letter was the impetus for such a warning: At last year?s annual conference, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi received scattered boos when she spoke about the problems created by the war in Iraq. Organizers appear determined to avoid such political statements at this year?s event, which will be attended by presidential candidates John McCain, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.......Obama is at odds with Aipac in his willingness to enter into talks with Iran.....A draft obtained by the Forward of the lobby's 2008 policy "Action Agenda" calls on the administration to designate Iran and North Korea as "major national security threats" and to take "all appropriate measures to halt Iran's pursuit of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction and the means to deliver them."
AIPAC's job: to make ISRAEL'S problems AMERICA'S problems.

And the winner is ... the Israel lobby AIPAC keeps a very close relationship with an array of influential think-tanks, like the American Enterprise Institute, the Center for Security Policy, the Hudson Institute, the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, the Middle East Forum, the The Project for the New American Century (PNAC) and the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Headlines for 06-01-08

Iran says it will not discuss suspending uranium enrichment

IAEA meets to discuss Iran's alleged nuclear weapons work

Muslim seminary issues fatwa against terrorism A Muslim Indian seminary which is said to have inspired the Taliban has issued a fatwa against terrorism, insisting that Islam is a religion of peace.

Iran not seeking to build nuclear weapons: Putin Putin stressed that Russia was opposed to Iran achieving a nuclear-power status. "That is our principled position," he said. "Using nuclear weapons in a region as small as the Middle East would be synonymous with suicide. Whose interests would it serve? The Palestinians? Hardly, the Palestinians would cease to exist...."

Olmert stresses importance of U.S. visit The Israeli prime minister departs Monday to attend the annual AIPAC policy conference in Washington, which provides an opportunity to confer with President Bush and the three candidates to succeed him.

IRAN: Former German official says war imminent He wrote a piece that appeared in today's Daily Star, an English-language Lebanese newspaper, arguing that President Bush's recent visit to the Middle East was a precursor to a war on Iran's nuclear program

Standing Up Against the War Party While it's quite popular, today ? even fashionable ? to be against the war, and to treat the administration's pre-war twisting of "intelligence" with disdain, you'll remember that ? at the time ? very few stood up against the war drum-beaters.

Return of soldiers' remains greets release of Hizbullah spy

Israel urges EU: Show 'caution' in contacts with Damascus Foreign Ministry officials are growing increasingly concerned at what they see as signs that relations between Syria and European countries are thawing following many months during which the Syrian regime was internationally isolated.

Israel to launch PR campaign against Ahmadinejad visit to UN summit The Foreign Ministry has earmarked a special budget for the campaign, to be organized by the Israeli embassy in Rome and local Italian Jewish organizations.