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Headlines for February 11 - February 17

A Stand For Justice

US military chief discusses Iran on Mideast tour
Egypt's state news agency says President Hosni Mubarak met with Adm. Mike Mullen on Sunday. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff will travel later in the day to Israel.

Hezbollah warns of retaliation for any Israeli hit
"If you bomb our ports, we will bomb your ports. If you bomb our oil refineries, we will bomb your oil refineries," said the black–turbaned Nasrallah. "If you bomb our factories, we will bomb your factories. If you bomb our electricity stations, we will bomb your electricity stations."

Israel general doubts power to hit Iran atom sites
"I think that the State of Israel should not take it upon itself to be the flag–bearer of the entire Western world in the face of the Iranian threat," Halutz, whose previous military post was as air force commander, told Channel Two. This is precisely why Israel will get us to do it for them.

Lebanese troops open fire on Israeli warplanes
The Lebanese army said in a statement that its troops used anti–aircraft fire Sunday to force the Israeli warplanes out of Lebanese airspace. The army said the planes were in southern Lebanon and the Bekaa Valley in central Lebanon.

Myth of the Iranian Nuke by Patrick J. Buchanan
Last December, however, The Times of London reported it had a secret document, which “intelligence agencies” dated to early 2007, proving that Iran was working on the final component of a “neutron initiator,” the trigger for an atom bomb..... U.S. intelligence, however, has not confirmed the authenticity of the document, and Iran calls it a transparent forgery. When former CIA man Phil Giraldi sounded out ex-colleagues still in the trade, they, too, called the Times’ document a forgery. Shades of Saddam seeking yellowcake from Niger. Are the folks who lied us into war on Iraq, to strip it of weapons it did not have, now trying to lie us into war on Iran, to strip it of weapons it does not have?

Ahmadinejad warns Israel against any military move

Lebanon troops fire at 4 Israeli warplanes flying overhead
Lebanese soldiers opened fire on four Israeli warplanes that flew into its airspace, the Lebanon Army said on Sunday, The Lebanese army said in a statement that its units used anti-aircraft fire Sunday to force the Israeli warplanes out of Lebanese airspace.

Attack on Iran's nuclear facilities 'worries' US admiral
"The outbreak of a conflict will be a big, big, big problem for all of us, and I worry a great deal about the unintended consequences of a strike," Admiral Mullen said. ......Mullen, who was speaking to journalists during a visit to Israel, went on to say however that US President Barack Obama had been "very clear that from a policy standpoint, Iran cannot have a nuclear weapons."

U.S., Israel up pressure for sanctions on Iran

Netanyahu: Israel not planning war with Iran
That's because he knows he can get US to do it.

U.S. vows commitment to Israel, wary of war over Iran nukes
"If Russia agrees to sanctions, China will find itself alone and may be forced to line up with the Western powers," an Israeli official said. "That's why persuading the Russian leadership is so important." .....Jerusalem and Washington have held several high-level consultations on Iran in recent weeks. Last month U.S. National Security Adviser James Jones visited Israel for talks with Israeli colleagues, and two weeks ago Central Intelligence Agency Director Leon Panetta paid a secret visit to the country. The U.S. officials briefed their counterparts on sanctions the Obama administration intends to levy against Iran, but reportedly asked them to keep a low media profile and to "act responsibly."

US dismisses Iran's uranium claims
At the White House, spokesman Robert Gibbs said Iran's leadership has made a series of statements about its nuclear prowess based on politics, not physics. He challenged Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's claim that Iran has produced its first batch of uranium enriched to a higher level than ever before, meaning it may be closer to the producing material to build a nuclear weapon.....On Capitol Hill, senators introduced separate legislation aimed at punishing Iranian officials and others responsible for the crackdown and also promote regime change in Tehran

US Media Omission: Iran Calls for Global Nuclear Disarmament
the media's Sarah Palin obsession means that more Americans heard repeated calls to start a new war with Iran in the past week.

'Iran Won't Simply Sit There and Accept an Attack'
Hans Blix is the former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency and also worked as a UN weapons inspector in Iraq. He talks to SPIEGEL about whether Iran really has the ability to enrich uranium and if economic sanctions can ever be effective.

No options ruled out on Iran, White House says
The White House on Tuesday would not rule out any options, including the military option, for dealing with Iran's nuclear ambitions.

Saudi plays down oil incentive for China on Iran sanctions
Clinton's top assistant for the Middle East, Jeffrey Feltman, told reporters travelling with her that China had an "important trading relationship" with the Saudi oil kingpin. "We would expect them (the Saudis) ... to use their relationship in ways that can help increase the pressure that Iran feels," said Feltman, the assistant secretary of state for Near East Affairs.

Who Wants to Bomb Iran
They're back! The "Bomb Iran" crowd is making a big return to the political center stage after months of puzzlement over what to do about developments in the Islamic Republic.

Flying laser zaps missile in first for U.S.
A high–powered laser aboard a modified Boeing Co 747 jumbo jet shot down an in–flight ballistic missile for the first time, highlighting a new class of ray guns best known from science fiction.

Iranian Nukes? Not So Fast
The Post today quotes Robert Gibbs, the White House spokesman, saying that Iran's boasts are "based on politics, not on physics," adding: "We do not believe they have the capability to enrich to the degree to which they now say they are enriching."

Secession in the Air by Patrick J. Buchanan
When the tea partiers want to rally against the evils of the passionate attachment that George Washington warned us against, one if not the greatest danger to America (as the war cries against Iran from the neocons and ilk reach near hysteric levels), then I will be there with bells on.

Russia tells Netanyahu it will hold off on Iran arms deal
An hour before Netanyahu's plane took off on Sunday, Russian officials said that Moscow sees no reason to delay the sale of the S-300, a powerful air-defense system, to Iran. In addition, on Friday, Russian intelligence officials leaked comments expressing their displeasure with plans by an Israeli firm to close a major arms deal with Georgia.

Obama, The War President
In his speech, Obama warned Iran of "consequences" if it didn't play ball and co-operate on nuclear inspections. It's unclear whether those consequences are of the financial variety or of a pre-emptive military strike by the U.S. or Israel. All this comes at a time when the U.S. has bolstered its naval presence in the Persian Gulf and the neo-conservatives are calling for "regime change" in Iran.

Israel asks Russia for Iran "sanctions with teeth"

More Homeless Americans Living in Cars and Campers
How much will another war in the Middle East, being pushed by the same corners that got us into Iraq, cost American taxpayers?

Saudi official questions new sanctions on Iran
Prince Saud al–Faisal told a news conference in the Saudi capital that the threat posed by Iran's nuclear ambitions demands a more immediate solution than sanctions. He described sanctions as a long–term solution, and he said the threat is more pressing. ....The Saudi minister also said efforts supported by the U.S. to rid the Middle East of nuclear weapons must apply to Israel.

Obama names U.S. envoy to Muslim world body
Why now?

Suburban homeless: Rising tide of women, families
As more Americans are finding themselves jobless and possibly even homeless, the billions of taxpayer dollars continue to flow to the Middle East where Israel sees the lion's share of the foreign aid budget (in many different forms such as aid to Egypt and Jordan for making peace with her). Americans could use that money RIGHT HERE at home, where liberty and justice for ALL reigns, unlike in Israel.

US senators seek regime change in Iran
Senators John Cornyn and Sam Brownback introduced the so-called “Iran Democratic Transition Act” bill on February 11, coinciding with the anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, in which unprecedented tens of millions of Iranians poured into the streets to rally and celebrate the 31st anniversary. .....Observers point to the fact that both conservative Senators Brownback of Oklahoma and Cornyn of Texas have been on the payroll of pro-Israeli lobby groups in the United States and have regularly submitted anti-Iran measures in congress to satisfy the influential pro-Israeli lobby.

Obama backs justice for Hariri killers
Obama gave the assurance in a telephone call, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said, adding the president also emphasized US support for Lebanon's "sovereignty and independence." Then he will step in and ask the Israelis to stop the (illegal) overflights of Lebanon? Doubtful.

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Headlines for February 4 - February 10

A Stand For Justice

IAEA suggests Iran's new enrichment modest
A confidential document from the U.N. nuclear agency says that Iran is only using a fraction of its capacities to enrich its uranium stockpile to higher levels.

Iran's leader orders further enrichment of uranium

Iran moves closer to nuke warhead capacity

Defense chief disputes deal on Iran's nuke program

US slaps new sanctions on Iran Revolutionary Guard
The Obama administration on Wednesday slapped new sanctions on several affiliates of Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps amid stepped–up efforts to get U.N. penalties against Tehran because of its nuclear and missile programs.

Obama says US developing new sanctions for Iran

Iran nuclear issue the 'top global security threat'
Iran's defiance over its nuclear programme poses the greatest threat to international security, US National Security Advisor James Jones warned on Saturday. Because my Israeli masters tell me so!

China Renews Opposition to Iran Sanctions

U.S. missile test mimicking Iran strike fails
The abortive test over the Pacific Ocean coincided with a Pentagon report that Iran had expanded its ballistic missile capabilities and posed a "significant" threat to U.S. and allied forces in the Middle East region.

Palin: Obama Will Win Again If He Backs Israel and Bombs Iran
Speaking on Fox News, Palin stated, “Say he decided to declare war on Iran or decide to really come out and do whatever he could to support Israel–which I would like him to do. That changes the dynamics of what we can assume will happen between now and three years. Because I think if the election were today, Obama would not be elected.” Yes, she really did say this.

Wars sending U.S. into ruin
Obama’s total military budget is nearly $1 trillion. This includes Pentagon spending of $880 billion. Add secret black programs (about $70 billion); military aid to foreign nations like Egypt, Israel and Pakistan; 225,000 military “contractors” (mercenaries and workers); and veterans’ costs. Add $75 billion (nearly four times Canada’s total defence budget) for 16 intelligence agencies with 200,000 employees. Much of that money - and that includes aid to Egypt and Jordan to buy peace with Israel - is for the protection of Israel.

Syria: We're ready for peace, but also for war
Lieberman on Thursday said "Assad should know that if he attacks, he will not only lose the war. Neither he nor his family will remain in power." His remarks came after Syrian President Bashar Assad on Wednesday told Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos that Israel was pushing the Middle East toward a new war.

Iran's leader predicts Israel's destruction
"Definitely, the day will come when nations of the region will witness the destruction of the Zionist regime," Khamenei was quoted as saying. "How soon or late (Israel's demise) will happen depends on how Islamic countries and Muslim nations approach the issue." He did not elaborate.

U.S. Senator Lieberman: Impose sanctions on Iran or attack it
The world faces a stark choice between imposing tough sanctions on Iran to stop its nuclear program, or attacking it, United States Senator Joe Lieberman said Saturday. Lieberman is the influential chairman of the Senate committee on homeland security.

Four things Netanyahu needs for an Israeli strike on Iran
Four-star General Kevin Chilton was in Israel last week. He is head of the U.S. Strategic Command, whose sphere of operations includes responsibility for missiles on submarines and in underground silos, as well as bombers and satellites, and computer-network warfare. If American forces were to take part in an offensive campaign against Iran, Chilton would play a significant part in preparing them for battle and in long-distance missile launches......The crushing blow that comes after the [US] pressure will not be dealt before next year. It's coming, folks. Round 2.

Obama turns up the heat on Iran
He indicated that his administration had made headway in persuading Russia to overcome its traditional resistance to imposing new sanctions on Iran, even if there was still some opposition from China. ....The loudest call for sanctions came from Israel where Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for "crippling" measures against Tehran during a gathering of European Union ambassadors in Jerusalem.

Lebanon warns of dangerous situation with Israel
"We see what's happening on the ground and in our air space and what's happening all the time during the past two months –– every day we have Israeli war planes entering Lebanese air space," he said. "This is something that has been escalating, and this is something that is really dangerous,"

US accelerating missile defenses in Gulf report
The US administration is speeding up deployment of defenses against potential Iranian missile attacks in the Gulf to heed off any possible retaliation, The New York Times reported Saturday. ....."Our first goal is to deter the Iranians," a senior administration official told the newspaper. "A second is to reassure the Arab states, so they don't feel they have to go nuclear themselves. But there is certainly an element of calming the Israelis as well."

Will Obama Play the War Card by Patrick J. Buchanan
despite the hysteria about Iran’s imminent testing of a bomb, the U.S. intelligence community still has not changed its finding that Tehran is not seeking a bomb....U.S. anti-missile ships are moving into the Gulf. Anti-missile batteries are being deployed on the Arab shore.

AP Article Fuels Iran War Hysteria -- News from
Western officials, and some writers at the Associated Press, however, see fit to look beyond the lack of concrete threats and instead rely on public fear of the unknown to make the case for escalating tensions beyond all reason, and bringing the West ever closer to a needless war with Iran.

Ron Paul: USA is Bankrupt, Quit Buying Bombs or We're Done

Russia condemns US move to put missiles in Romania
The Kremlin said it was taken aback by news that Romania's top military body had agreed to host US SM-3 interceptor missiles and other military infrastructure in response to an alleged missile threat from Iran.

UN to monitor Iran's nuclear enrichment
The UN nuclear watchdog says that a team of its inspectors is in place in Iran to monitor Iran's plans to start enriching uranium to higher levels.

Legal Experts Slam "Targeted Killings" of US Citizens
In an admission that took the intelligence community and its critics by surprise, Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair acknowledged in a congressional hearing Wednesday that the U.S. may, with executive approval, deliberately target and kill U.S. citizens who are suspected of being involved in terrorism. 'Suspected', eh? What's next?

U.S., Germany say Iran not ready for nuclear deal
U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Iran had failed to address Western concerns and suggested it was time for more sanctions on the Islamic Republic, which denies its nuclear programme has a military goal.

Israel warns Syria it would lose future war
Israel's outspoken foreign minister harshly warned Syria Thursday against drawing the Jewish state into another war, saying the Syrian army would be defeated and its regime would collapse in a future conflict.

Netanyahu Israel open to peace talks with Syria

Rabbinic Text or Call to Terror
“The prohibition ‘Thou Shalt Not Murder’” applies only “to a Jew who kills a Jew,” write Rabbis Yitzhak Shapira and Yosef Elitzur of the West Bank settlement of Yitzhar. Non-Jews are “uncompassionate by nature” and attacks on them “curb their evil inclination,” while babies and children of Israel’s enemies may be killed since “it is clear that they will grow to harm us.”.... the book’s wide dissemination and the enthusiastic endorsements of prominent rabbis have spotlighted what might have otherwise remained an isolated commentary. I'm sorry, but which side was it that I was supposed to believe preaches hatred in their religion?

Palin Misreads Pat
Say he decided to declare war on Iran, or decided to really come out and do whatever he could to support Israel, which I would like him to do

Netanyahu calls for 'crippling' Iran sanctions
Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has called for “crippling sanctions” against Iran in a meeting with European ambassadors in Israel.

UN prepares to intervene as Iran declares new nuclear plans
"This is additional proof that Iran is ridiculing the world," Barak told members of his Labor party at a faction meeting. "The correct response is to impose decisive and permanent sanctions. I hope that the international community will not turn a blind eye to Iran's declaration."

The Truth About the US - Israel Relationship as told by former CIA
Anyone that tells us Americans that we are attacked for our freedoms is either grossly misinformed, or a liar.

Arab media: 2 Israeli Navy ships passed through Suez Canal
The sources did not provide the exact ultimate destination of the missile boats. However, Egyptian maritime sources quoted in the Arab media estimated that both ships were headed to the Persian Gulf and may reach it within four days. The veracity of these estimates is unclear. The sail through the Suez Canal was coordinated with Egyptian authorities, which reportedly adopted strict security arrangements to ensure the safe passage of the two Israeli ships

Tories would back war with Iran
The Tory policy on Iran differs from the Government's stated position that military action was "inconceivable". ....He said that while for the west Iran was a major diplomatic challenge, for Israel it remained an "existential threat". Oh Canada, you too have been sucked into Israel's problems.

Senate Passes AIPAC's Iran Sanctions Bill in Five Minutes
just last week the Senate passed comprehensive sanctions on Iran -- a bill being pushed by AIPAC neocons and the other "usual suspects" -- in record time. It was brought up with only three senators on the floor; there was a five minute debate and it passed by voice vote. Just like that.

Video: Rep. Mike Pence: Israel Should Dictate U.S. Policy
Pence is literally saying, Israeli officials should tell us what they want us to do, and we'll support it. That's an insane premise, and if you replace "Israel" with any other country, no U.S. politician would accept it.

I don't mean to say I told you so, but...
In his testimony to the Iraq war commission in the U.K., former Prime Minister Tony Blair offered the following account of his discussions with Bush in Crawford, Texas in April 2002. Blair reveals that concerns about Israel were part of the equation and that Israel officials were involved in those discussions. Israel is pushing us to attack another country - this time, Iran.

Time for an American Intifada?
Republican George W. Bush, another Christian-Zionist president, was induced with phony intelligence to wage war in Iraq. The false intelligence was traceable to Israelis, pro-Israelis or assets developed for that purpose. That invasion had long been a priority goal of those who believe-truly believe-in their right to an expansionist Greater Israel. Intifada literally means to shake off. Yes, it is time for Americans to shake off Israel like a bad set of fleas. It's the reason I have owned and operated the website with the aforementioned name for as long as I've known the true nature of Israel. Read further into the article to find out what went on behind the scenes in the Truman administration when it came time to ponder recognizing the newly-created state of Israel.

U.S. Jew indicted as possible Israel spy
The FBI searched Nozette's home and computer and found additional proof of his connection to Israel. He visited here several times, but did not report this - as is required by his high security clearance.

It's Her Party: The Brilliance of Sarah Palin
her support for bombing Iran was, no doubt, the work of her new Washington–insider neoconservative policy advisers, Randy Scheunemann and Michael Goldfarb, who had John McCain singing from the same warmongering songbook in 2008. .

Bolton: Either Iran Gets Nukes Or ‘Israel Or Somebody Else Uses Military Force To Stop It’

Wiesel: If Ahmadinejad were assassinated, I wouldn't shed a tear
"We all know that Ahmadinejad - an open anti-Semite and the world's biggest Holocaust denier - intends to destroy Israel and bring disaster to the entire world," Wiesel told Army Radio commentator Razi Barkai.

Immigration Debate Prompts Growing Jewish-Latino Ties
Jewish activists also see the joint work as an opening for cooperation with the Hispanic community on other issues, such as Israel. I've read similar articles in the past which basically state as this one does that pro-Israel groups (which historically are very powerful) are the ones behind the push for amnesty for illegals. Why? Because they see it as a way to get more support for Israel. Let's not forget, it's the Latino community that is expected to become the majority in America in the years to come.

More airport security won’t do much to stop terrorists. Leaving the Middle East would.

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Headlines for January 27 - February 3

A Stand For Justice

Iran says ready to send uranium abroad as UN wants

Russian reports: No obstacles over Iran arms deals
Russian news agencies are quoting the head of Russia's state arms export monopoly as saying there are no obstacles to military cooperation with Iran, despite international tensions over its nuclear program.

Scenarios: How could China hit back at U.S.?
As a permanent member of the Security Council, China has the power to veto any resolution, and it has never been a supporter of strong sanctions against Iran, a major oil supplier. Now Beijing could drag its feet even more.

Senate OKs sanctions on Iran's fuel suppliers

British Invasion of Iraq Was Illegal: Ex-govt Lawyer
The invasion of Iraq in 2003 was illegal, a former top British government lawyer told a public inquiry into the war Tuesday, three days before ex-prime minister Tony Blair appears.

Assad: Israel leading the Middle East to war

Senators Seek 'Crippling' Iran Sanctions
The letter is signed by Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.), Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.), Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.), Evan Bayh (D-Ind.), Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), Bob Casey Jr. (D-Pa.), Johnny Isakson (R-Ga.), Ben Cardin (D-Md.) and David Vitter (R-La.). Say, I wonder if this has anything to do with Israel? Nahh..

'Iran, Nazi Germany must be compared'
Comparisons between contemporary Iran and Nazi Germany are not only appropriate, but pertinent and true, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said while on a visit to Hungary on the morning of International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Iran Sanctions, ‘Regime Change,’ Take Center Stage
With the Senate set to take up major sanctions legislation against Iran by mid-February, neo-conservative and other hawks are calling on the administration of President Barack Obama to pursue a more aggressive course of "regime change" in Tehran.....Under heavy pressure from the so-called "Israel Lobby", the House of Representatives last month approved one long-delayed bill that would, among other things, impose penalties on foreign energy companies that provide gasoline to Iran or invest more than 20 million dollars a year in Iran’s energy sector. The vote was 412-12.

Clinton: China risks diplomatic isolation over Iran
The United States is the most visible leader in the new push for UN Security Council sanctions, and Clinton spent much of her time in Europe this week lobbying major powers whose support she needs to pass and enforce new economic penalties Our government officials are once again doing the bidding of Israel.

The United States is expediting the deployment of missile defenses against Iranian missile attacks in the Persian Gulf, the New York Times reported on Saturday.
According to the New York Times report, the Obama administration is also trying to show Israel that there is no immediate need for military strikes against Iranian nuclear and missile facilities. Read the third to last paragraph where Peres is telling the new head of the IAEA that Iran isn't respecting the rules. Iran, unlike Israel, has actually signed on to the nuclear nonproliferation treaty and has its nuclear sites opened up for inspection. The Israelis are total hypocrites.

US raises stakes on Iran by sending in ships and missiles
American officials said the move is aimed at deterring an attack by Iran and reassuring Gulf states fearful that Tehran might react to sanctions by striking at US allies in the region. Washington is also seeking to discourage Israel from a strike against Iran by demonstrating that the US is prepared to contain any threat.....The director of the CIA, Leon Panetta, met the Israeli prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, and other senior officials in Jerusalem last week to discuss Iran.....Pro-Israel lobby groups in the US have joined Republican party leaders in trying to build public pressure on the administration to take a tougher line with Iran. One group, the Israel Project, has been running a TV campaign warning that Iran might supply nuclear weapons to terrorists. Beware America, the Israel crowd is now gearing up for our next war for Israel. This time - target Iran.

Obama adviser: U.S. and Israel working very closely on Iran
Jones said the United States and Israel are in close coordination over how to handle Iran. "We have very good dialogue with Israel, continual dialogue," he told The Jerusalem Post. "We're working very closely with them." No kidding?

Strengthening US 'Defense' In Gulf A Step To War
An article in the New York Times by David E. Sanger and Eric Schmitt states: "The Obama administration is accelerating the deployment of new defenses against possible Iranian missile attacks in the Persian Gulf." It continues that this move "appears to be part of a coordinated administration strategy to increase pressure on Iran." Since there is about a zero chance that Iran would dare to launch a first strike on the US or its Arab allies, the US would only need to strengthen its missile defenses in order to deal with an Iranian counterattack after the US had first bombed Iran. Oh, you noticed that too, hmm?

U.S. report: Iran's nuclear program gaining ground
"Iran's technical advancement, particularly in uranium enrichment, strengthens our 2007 NIE assessment that Iran has the scientific, technical and industrial capacity to eventually produce nuclear weapons, making the central issue its political will to do so," Blair said.
"We continue to assess Iran is keeping open the option to develop nuclear weapons in part by developing various nuclear capabilities that bring it closer to being able to produce such weapons, should it choose to do so. We do not know, however, if Iran will eventually decide to build nuclear weapons," Last sentence. Iran has not built the bomb, folks, despite all of the BS Israel has been feeding us (for several years now).

Israel Says Iran Can Build Nuclear Bomb by 2011
Iran will possess the technology to build a nuclear bomb by early 2010 and be able to produce one the following year, Israeli media quoted Israel's defense minister as saying Monday.

US businesses urge Obama to resist Iran sanctions bill
"The proposed sanctions would incite economic, diplomatic, and legal conflicts with US allies and could frustrate joint action against Iran," the US Chamber of Commerce and other business groups said in a letter to top White House officials.

China calls for more diplomatic efforts on Iran nuclear issue

Hillary Clinton among those praising Yemen's efforts against al-Qaeda
Outside the Yemen and Afghanistan conference halls, Clinton is holding meetings with members of the P5 +1 negotiating group (the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council, plus Germany) on Iran. The group has failed to reach an agreement on imposing a fourth round of U.N. sanctions on Iran following its lack of response to an offer to provide enriched uranium for energy production.

Netanyahu at Auschwitz: World must unite to confront new threats

Truth about Israeli influence over US foreign policy gets out on C-SPAN

German firm cancels deal with Iran port due to Israeli pressure

The Terrorism Conundrum by Philip Giraldi
Terror is not a nation nor is it a group. It is a tactic. It has existed since men first picked up rocks to strike each other but in its modern form it was developed in Palestine in the 1940s when the Haganah and Stern Gangs struck against civilian targets like the King David Hotel to drive the British out. It was then used by the nascent state of Israel against Palestinian Arabs to force them to leave their homes. Terrorism consists of attacking civilian targets to demoralize the local population and weaken its ability to resist.

Blair warns that world faces decision to halt Iran’s nuclear programme
He warned that world leaders, including the British Prime Minister, now faced the same kinds of decision about the dangers posed by repressive regimes as he did seven years ago. Tony Blair - still a stoolie for Israel despite not holding office in the UK.

Barack Obama, Interventionist and Ultimate Jihadi Hero by Michael Scheuer
For Obama and most members of our governing elite, today’s Iran fairly screams for Western intervention to break the mullahs’ backs and install secularism; to destroy an Israeli foe and ensure AIPAC funds to continue to flow into their pockets; and to make them feel good about themselves, no matter the cost to Americans and their children. God love you, Mr. Scheuer. You dare speaketh the truth.

U.S. Eases Pressure on Israel, Leans On Palestinians
“I think they received the message,” said Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League, of the Obama administration. Foxman, who has been at the forefront of the effort to ease American pressure on Israel, said that “reality has come to Washington” and that Obama and his advisers now understand “that singling out Israel doesn’t work.” Another example of who is the driver of US foreign policy right here. The author of the related Forward piece in this news roundup is deluded if they think Israel is not the driver. It is. It's all here in print. Read the rest of the article for more proof of Israel's unprecedented influence of our high - level officials.

U.S. official: Hezbollah arms flow may signal plans for war with Israel
The U.S. is concerned that the continued flow of arms to the Hezbollah militant organization could prompt a war between Israel and Lebanon, State Department official Jeff Feltman said in remarks published Sunday by the London-based Al-Hayat daily. Why is this our problem?

How to Save the Obama Presidency: Bomb Iran
Daniel Pipes is a noted Israel-firster. He and like 'Americans' should be deported to Israel where he can bring no (more) harm to America and her (America First) citizens herein.

What a Dollar Gets You on Capitol Hill, and What It Doesn’t
Lawmakers often compete to introduce, sponsor or vote for pro-Israel measures — generally non-binding and mostly meaningless “sense of Congress” resolutions — to prove their pro-Israel bona fides without taking any political chances. It’s part of their search for bragging rights. One curmudgeonly old chairman blocked a senator’s amendment not because he opposed it but because, as he explained, “I ain’t gonna be out-Israel’d by anyone.” I don't agree with the author; not only does the Israeli lobby steer US foreign policy, it is in fact the driver.

Iran a threat to the world - Peres

Counterterrorism in Shambles; Why?
Take, for example, what Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the "mastermind" of 9/11, said was his main motive. Here's what the 9/11 Commission Report wrote on page 147. You will not find it reported in the Fawning Corporate Media (FCM): "By his own account, KSM's animus toward the United States stemmed...from his violent disagreement with U.S. foreign policy favoring Israel."

Netanyahu Singles Out Iran, Venezuela for Anti-Semitism

Blair the British Neo-con
Though the Chilcot Inquiry is concerned only with Iraq - how Blair’s government made the decision to go to war and what lessons should be learned – Blair could not resist beating the drum for war on Iran. He did that four times. One might have been listening to John Bolton or any of America’s or Israel’s lunatics. When he was going on about terrorism being a threat to all, he threw in: “It’s a constant problem for Israel. They get attacked.”

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Headlines for January 2010

A Stand For Justice

Some links are from 2009

New Revelations Tear Holes in Nuclear Trigger Story
Former Central Intelligence Agency official Philip Giraldi has said U.S. intelligence judges the "nuclear trigger" document to be a forgery, as IPS reported last week. The IPS story also pointed out that the document lacked both security markings and identification of either the issuing organisation or the recipient

Analysis Iran looms over Obama Mideast peace bid
Israel wants to see the Iranian threat dealt with before pursuing peace deals with the Arabs.

Graham: U.S. may have to use military action against Iran
Israel, which Iran’s leaders have threatened to destroy, must weigh its options, Graham said, but it does not have the capabilities.
“Israel attacking Iran is a nightmare,” Graham said.
The U.S. may have to act militarily, he said, if other methods fail. What Graham is saying is that since Israel cannot attack Iran, the US must.

Scientist appears in court in secrets case
A scientist who allegedly tried to sell classified secrets to Israel had worked on the U.S. government's Star Wars missile shield program, and the Justice Department declared Tuesday that he had tried to share some of the nation's most guarded secrets.

Iran nuclear threat hyped IAEA's ElBaradei
Mohamed ElBaradei, director-general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, said there was no concrete evidence that Tehran has an ongoing nuclear weapons program. "But somehow, many people are talking about how Iran's nuclear program is the greatest threat to the world. In many ways, I think the threat has been hyped," he told the specialist Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

Iran slows nuclear pace but bomb suspicions grow

Gulf war jitters
Gulf Cooperation Council members -- Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Oman -- are getting ready for what many now assume will be retaliation from Iran following Israeli bombing of Iran's nuclear facilities later this year. Up and down the Persian Gulf, Patriot missile batteries have been quietly deployed around key oil installations.

Cheney No 'evidence' of Iraq, 9-11 link
Former Vice President Dick Cheney says there was “never any evidence” that Saddam Hussein’s Iraq played any role in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on New York and Washington. Wow.

Cheney said Gitmo detainees revealed Iraq-al Qaida link
The head of the Criminal Investigation Task Force at Guantanamo from 2002-2005 confirmed to McClatchy that in late 2002 and early 2003, intelligence officials were tasked to find, among other things, Iraq-al Qaida ties, which were a central pillar of the Bush administration's case for its March 2003 invasion of Iraq.

CIA head says Cheney almost wishing US be attacked
CIA Director Leon Panetta says former Vice President Dick Cheney's criticism of the Obama administration's approach to terrorism almost suggests "he's wishing that this country would be attacked again, in order to make his point."

Accepting Various Truths
Michael Scheuer, a former CIA specialist on the al-Qaida terrorists, complained on C-SPAN recently that any debate about American support for Israel is "normally squelched." "For anyone to say our support for Israel doesn't hurt us is to just defy reality," he added. Another former CIA analyst, Ray McGovern, says the 9/11 Commission report noted that Khalid Sheikh -- the mastermind of the 9/11 terrorist attacks -- cited his violent disagreement with U.S. support for Israel as the motivating dynamic behind the attacks.

Netanyahu To Obama Stop Iran, Or I Will
The American president, he said, must stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons--and quickly--or an imperiled Israel may be forced to attack Iran's nuclear facilities itself.

Israel on Iran Anything it takes to stop nukes
U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates reassured Israel that the new Obama administration was not naive about Iran's intentions, and that Washington would press for new, tougher sanctions against the Iranians if they balk.

Israel Says Iran Can Build Nuclear Bomb by 2011

U.S. Intelligence Found Iran Nuke Document Was Forged
Philip Giraldi, who was a CIA counterterrorism official from 1976 to 1992, told IPS that intelligence sources say that the United States had nothing to do with forging the document, and that Israel is the primary suspect. The sources do not rule out a British role in the fabrication, however.

Israel says still has military option on Iran
A Kremlin transcript of an interview Medvedev gave to CNN last Tuesday quoted him as saying that an attack on Iran would lead to "a humanitarian disaster" and risk provoking retaliation against Israel that would also affect other nations.

Iran's leader predicts Israel's destruction
The all-powerful Iranian leader also said that Israel's continued "pressure to erase Palestine from the world of Islamic nations" will fail

Black Propaganda Manufacturing Consent For Attack On Iran
In sum, the conclusion among Israelis is that the Obama administration won't lift a finger to stop Iran, much less will the "international community." So Israel has pursued a different strategy, in effect seeking to goad the U.S. into stopping, or at least delaying, an Israeli attack by imposing stiff sanctions and perhaps even launching military strikes of its own.

US Ships Arrive in Israel for Joint Drill
The arrival of the ships began a day before Defense Minister Ehud Barak was scheduled to fly to Washington for talks with his American counterpart, Robert Gates. Defense officials said that their talks would focus on the Iranian threat, Israeli-US defense cooperation as well as the role Israel will play in the new American missile defense shield announced last week.

U.S.-Israeli Arms Cooperation Quietly Growing

U.S. Jew indicted as possible Israel spy
The FBI searched Nozette's home and computer and found additional proof of his connection to Israel. He visited here several times, but did not report this - as is required by his high security clearance

Making Jane Go Away by Philip Giraldi
The Israeli on the phone was committing espionage against the United States by trying to influence the actions of a government official and Harman was committing a number of possible crimes by agreeing to cooperate in return for her own personal advancement.......why isn’t the MSM interested in aggressively pursuing this story?
Because it's about Israel

And It’s Not Only Sibel Edmonds Who Says So by Philip Giraldi
John M. Cole, a former FBI Counterintelligence and Counterespionage Manager, has publicly confirmed the FBI’s decade long investigation of the former State Department Official Marc Grossman. Cole worked for 18 years in the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division. According to Cole, as in over one hundred cases involving Israeli espionage activities directed against the US government, the Grossman case was covered up and buried despite mountains of evidence that was collected.

FBI Alleged spy wannabe asked for Israeli citizenship
An FBI agent posing as a Mossad agent contacted Nozette in September. In conversations transcribed in the complaint, Nozette says he is surprised that Israel did not approach him to spy sooner and asks for an Israeli passport, saying he is entitled to Israeli citizenship because his parents are Jewish. He allegedly told the FBI agent that he had top security clearance until 2006 and could remember details that would be of use to Israel.

US sees Iran edging closer to nuclear arms knowhow

Containment for Iran by Patrick J. Buchanan

Bin Laden Attacks on U.S. to go on as long as it supports Israel
A purported audio tape of Osama bin Laden aired on Al Jazeera television claimed responsibility for a Dec. 25 attempted bombing of a U.S.-bound plane, and vowed to continue attacks on the United States, as long as it supports Israel. The irony here is that the US media failed to mention Israel in its headlines for this story - but the Israeli news source Haaretz here DID headline it. Americans are being deceived (by our own media, as one example) as to the true reasons for the bullseye on our country.

Pity for a Constitution Stomper
Congresswoman Jane Harman is indignant. A National Security Agency wiretap reportedly picked up her conversation seeking favors from a suspected Israeli agent in return for Harman lobbying the Justice Department to drop the lawsuit against AIPAC’s former top officials.

U.S. Counters Israeli Claim Iran Nuclear Facility Bomb-proof
A top U.S. commander on Sunday countered Israeli claims that Iran had constructed its nuclear facilities to be resistant to attack.

Bin Laden reportedly calls Obama 'powerless'
The purpose of his address Sunday, bin Laden said in the SITE translation, is "to remind you of the causes" of Sept. 11, chiefly "your support to your Israeli allies who occupy our land of Palestine."

Eyeing Iran, Israel tests missile defenses with U.S.
Israel and the United States launched a major air defense drill Wednesday as part of what Israeli public radio called preparation for a faceoff with Iran. Whose war is this?

Iran nuclear leaks 'linked to Israel'
That false and misleading charge from an intelligence official of a foreign country, who was not identified but was clearly Israeli, reinforces two of Israel's key themes on Iran - that the 2007 US National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Iran is wrong, and that Tehran is poised to build nuclear weapons as soon as possible

Outlasting the Ayatollahs by Patrick J. Buchanan

Why They Are At War With Us by Patrick J. Buchanan
First, the U.S. military presence on the sacred soil of Saudi Arabia. Second, U.S. sanctions causing terrible suffering among the Iraqi people. Third, U.S. support for Israel’s dispossession of the Palestinians.

Telling Israel No by Patrick J. Buchanan
an Israeli strike on Iran, which Joe Biden foolishly said was Israel’s call, would drag this country into a third war in the Middle East and destroy a policy that is visibly succeeding.

Diplomats Iran improves access to nuke activities
Iran has lifted a yearlong ban and allowed U.N. inspectors to visit a nearly completed nuclear reactor as well as granting greater monitoring rights at another atomic site

The Dark Side of the ‘Special Relationship’ by Justin Raimondo
The search for Mega and his underlings continues to this day, as U.S. counterintelligence attempts to rip up what appears to be a vast Israeli spy operation by its very deep roots. That’s why they went after Ben Ami Kadish, who handed over U.S. secrets to Tel Aviv and shared a handler with Pollard, and why they indicted Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman, two top officials of AIPAC, the powerful pro-Israel lobbying group. That’s why they were listening on the other end as Jane Harman promised an Israeli agent to intervene in the Rosen-Weissman case. And now a new front has been opened up in this subterranean war with the arrest of Stewart David Nozette, a top U.S. scientist who worked for the Pentagon, had access to the most closely guarded nuclear secrets, and was the lead scientist in the search for water on the moon.

Still More on Sibel by Philip Giraldi

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” George Bernard Shaw
In his usual let-the-words-fall-where-they-may manner, Vice President Biden let it be known one early July weekend that the U.S. would not intervene if Israel decided to militarily attack Iran.

Differences with US on Mideast 'semantic' Israel
Katz, a member of Netanyahu's right-wing Likud party, said discussions with Washington will focus on security issues, particularly the "threats by Iran as well as Hamas," the Islamist group that rules the Gaza Strip.

Mission Memorial: Remembering the USS Liberty

Spy Conference: The Strange Pollard Spy Case
At the Raleigh Spy Conference last week, Naval Criminal Investigative Service special agent Ron Olive spoke about how his team solved the strange spy case involving Jonathan Jay Pollard, who literally passed truckloads of U.S. secrets to Israel in the 1980's.

YouTube - Is Israel spreading misinformation about Iran

The Media: Israel and Nuclear Weapons
Congresswoman Jane Harman is indignant. A National Security Agency wiretap reportedly picked up her conversation seeking favors from a suspected Israeli agent in return for Harman lobbying the Justice Department to drop the lawsuit against AIPAC’s former top officials.

Citizens Group Urges Fair Trial for AIPAC Employees Indicted Under Espionage Act
The Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy, Inc. (IRmep) urges the Department of Justice to proceed with its long delayed prosecution of former AIPAC employees Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman. The case was dropped altogether shortly thereafter.

Medvedev Israel not planning to strike Iran

J Street Changing Course by Philip Giraldi
There is in fact little difference between J Street’s position and that of AIPAC.

Bibi Wins, Barack Loses by Patrick J. Buchanan
Undaunted, the War Party has a new war planned for us.
Target: Tehran. And Obama may just have boxed himself in.

Door Open for Iran Talks
The drums of war are beating again over Iran, but sadly it's a representative of the Obama administration who wielded the heaviest drumstick.

Obama prods Netanyahu, Iran in Mideast foray

Netanyahu draws fire in Israel over secret trip
Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth reported that Netanyahu had, in fact, flown secretly to Moscow to voice concern over the possible sale of Russian anti-aircraft missiles to Iran

Obama's lost senate seat is a victory for Netanyahu
Over the past nine months, Netanyahu has managed to curb pressure from Obama, who enjoys a Democratic majority in both houses of Congress. Now, however, Obama will be more dependent on the support of his Republican rivals, the supporters and friends of Netanyahu.

Answering Helen Thomas on Why They Want to Harm Us
why isn't there a frank discussion by America's leaders and media about the real motivation of Muslim anger toward the United States? Why was Helen Thomas the only journalist to raise the touchy but central question of motive? by yet another former CIA - Ray McGovern

Jewish Leaders Firm on Broad Iran Sanctions Despite Unrest
“For us, this was always the primary concern, because a nuclear Iran is an existential threat to Israel,” said Meagan Buren, director of research and training at The Israel Project, a pro-Israel group active on the Iranian issue. Another war for Israel is in the making. The target this time: Iran.

Aipac's hidden persuaders Richard Silverstein
Israel is in the midst of a massive diplomatic, political and intelligence campaign, both public and covert, that could lead – if those officials behind it have their way – towards a military strike on Iran. It is a war for the hearts and minds of Americans....Aipac's members carried a unified message to Capitol Hill during their lobbying of US senators and members of Congress. They demanded that Congress pass the most draconian sanctions ever proposed against Iran.

VFW Tribute to USS Liberty

Helen Thomas Deviates From the Terrorism Script
Brennan's answer -- they do this because they're Evil and murderous -- is on the same condescending cartoon level as the "They-Hate-us-For-Our-Freedom" tripe we endured for the last eight years. Apparently, if Brennan is to be believed, Islamic radicals, in their motive-free quest to slaughter, write down the names of all the countries in the world and put them in a hat and then stick their hand in and select the one they will attack, and the U.S. just keeps getting unlucky and having its name randomly chosen.

Just 6 More Months to Victory! by Philip Giraldi
So what might happen in President Obama’s next six months? A number of highly plausible scenarios come to mind.

Analysis Iran plant could defer Israel strike
It may seem counterintuitive, but the news that Iran has a second, clandestine uranium enrichment plant, and has just test-fired long-range missiles, could actually put off any plans for a quick Israeli strike.

Video Israel Is Spying In And On The U.S. Part 1

What Role Did The U.S.-Israeli  Relationship Play In 9-11

Syria's Mufti Islam commands us to protect Judaism
"If the Prophet Mohammed had asked me to deem Christians or Jews heretics, I would have deemed Mohammed himself a heretic," Sheikh Ahmed Hassoun, the Mufti of Syria, was quoted as telling a delegation of American academics visiting Damascus.