Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Headlines for June 10 - June 16

A Stand For Justice

No sign of Iranian incursion in Iraqi north: US
The US military said Thursday it had no evidence to substantiate a report that Iranian troops have been building a small fort on Iraqi territory since crossing the border in pursuit of Kurdish rebels.

Ahmadinejad: Israel, U.S. trying to sabotage Iran's relations with Saudi Arabia

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Sunday charged Israel and the United States of trying to sabotage relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia, a day after Riyadh denied a report in the Times claiming it had agreed to allow Israel to use its airspace to attack Iran.

Gulf states not to back attack against Iran
Riad Kahwaji, General Director of the Dubai-based Institute for Near East and Gulf Military Analysis, said the "[Times] report, in my opinion, is part of the psychological warfare between Iran and the US, because there is no need for Saudi-Israeli cooperation to allow the Jewish state to attack Iran." Well which is it?

Saudi Arabia Gives Israel Clear Skies to Attack Iranian Nuclear Sites
“The Saudis have given their permission for the Israelis to pass over and they will look the other way,” said a US defence source in the area. “They have already done tests to make sure their own jets aren’t scrambled and no one gets shot down. This has all been done with the agreement of the [US] State Department.”

America leaves Iraq a toxic legacy of dumped hazardous materials
An investigation by The Times in five Iraqi provinces has found that hazardous material from US bases is being dumped locally rather than sent back to America, in clear breach of Pentagon rules.

US 'inciting conflict to trigger war'
A former US Senator, Mike Gravel spoke to Press TV in an interview on Thursday calling the new round of sanctions "a terrible mistake" and that the US is "inciting conflict" to "push Iran to make some silly mistake that could trigger a response". A Congressman with cojones. Kudos.

Russia to freeze missile sale to Iran, Putin tells Sarkozy
Earlier Thursday, Russia's Foreign Ministry said that new United Nations sanctions against Tehran over its contentious nuclear program do not oblige Moscow to scrap a controversial deal to deliver surface-to-air missiles to Iran.

Iran to Inspect Gulf Ships If Sanctions Used on Cargo
“The Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz will be our maneuvering front,” Ebrahimi said. “Anybody who wants to harm our interests, we will severely harm theirs in retaliation.”

Effectiveness of Iran Sanctions Widely Questioned

Obama urges support for Iranian 'freedom'
Echoes of Iraq...

U.S. and Norway lead bid to rebuke Iran at U.N. rights forum

Senior White House Official: UN Sanctions Alone "Would Not Be Sufficient" to Change Iran's Behavior -- But Much More to Come

U.S. sources: Turkey vote against Iran sanctions - a slap in the face
Israel and the United States on Wednesday hailed a UN Security Council vote to impose a fourth round of sanctions on a defiant Iran, which immediately vowed to continue with its nuclear program. Turkey and Brazil were the only votes against the sanctions, while Lebanon abstained.

Israel vs Iran: The Risk of War

Phantom Iranian Ship sails for Gaza
that's what makes the reports of a "phantom" Iranian ship headed for Gaza so unsettling, because it could be used as a justification for another war.

Obama Goes with Neocon Flow on Iran
Just as the neocons and Israel wanted “regime change” in Iraq, they have long hungered for “regime change” in Iran, too. A favorite neocon joke at the time of the Iraq War was to speculate on which direction to go next, to Syria or Iran, with the punch-line, “Real men to go Tehran!”

Reading Washington’s Linkage Map
If the post-9/11 presence of hundreds of thousands of American troops in the Middle East initially seemed to Israelis to be a blessing, it has now emerged as a serious challenge for Jerusalem.

Israeli Request for More Arms from US Raises Fears of Regional Violence

Turkey calls charges turning from West 'dirty propaganda'
US Defence Secretary Robert Gates said Wednesday the European Union's refusal to offer Turkey a swift accession process has partly caused Ankara's foreign policy shift and the deterioration in its relations with Israel. .....Doubts among Western countries about Turkey's shifting foreign policy began in 2009 when Erdogan strongly criticised Israel for its deadly military campaign in Gaza.

More Spin from Israel by Philip Giraldi
The Israelis expected to lead the vessels into port like sheep, but to their surprise some of the sheep resisted. .....What were soldiers doing attacking a vessel in the middle of the night in international waters in the first place?....Washington’s backing of Israel in what surely must be viewed as a massacre will further erode any support from Islamic countries for US policies and will serve as a recruiting tool for groups like al-Qaeda and the Taliban. Even if one is not a fan of US empire and the current crop of pointless wars, it is heartbreaking to have to witness an increasing number of young Americans delivered up as cannon fodder in a growing confrontation with a Muslim world that is angry with Israel and taking revenge by attacking the United States.

China reverses stance with Iran sanctions support
Israel may have also played a role in persuading China to back harsher sanctions against Iran, according to Israeli officials. In recent weeks, three Israeli delegations have gone to China, and all discussed the Iranian nuclear program, the officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity because the talks were secret.

Arab states: Israel nuclear danger reinforced by its aggression
Iran is seen by Western nations as an NPT renegade and bomb risk for hiding sensitive nuclear activity. They say Israel is not comparable because it is not in the NPT while Iran is. Many developing nations say that this is precisely the problem.

Possible Western Pennsylvania Link to Israeli Nukes Boosted
A recently declassified federal report bolsters a long-simmering Cold War theory that uranium was illegally shipped from an Armstrong County plant in 1965 to Israel to support its nuclear arms efforts.

U.S. targets bank, shipping in new Iran sanctions
U.S. Senator Joseph Lieberman said he expects Congress to finish shortly legislation tightening U.S. sanctions on Iran that will include provisions affecting the supply of refined petroleum products to Tehran, and add to sanctions on its financial sector. What would Israel do without its agents in Congress?

Iran warns Israel of retaliation if its Gaza-bound aid ship is attacked

Arab nations cheer Turkey for tough Israel stand
Arab nations burst into applause Thursday as Turkey's prime minister walked to the podium at a summit, reflecting Turkey's meteoric rise on the world stage amid disputes over Israel's blockade of Gaza and U.N. sanctions against Iran.

Israeli Nuclear Missile Boats Off Iranian Coast

YouTube - Arrest me, I'm a terrorist
They turned themselves in on account they were deemed 'terrorists' by Brad Sherman. A very good news report.

Russia: Iran sanctions won't affect sale of S-300 missiles, will only impact deals regarding mobile missiles.
Earlier Thursday, Russia's Foreign Ministry said that new United Nations sanctions against Tehran over its contentious nuclear program do not oblige Moscow to scrap a controversial deal to deliver surface-to-air missiles to Iran.

Russia threatens payback if Iran sanctions affect its interests
The Russian Foreign Ministry warned on Wednesday of retaliatory measures if new sanctions against Iran affected Russian companies or individuals.

Iran says nuclear fuel swap still possible

EU ministers propose extra sanctions against Iran: diplomat
EU foreign ministers on Monday proposed new sanctions going further than UN restrictions, in a bid to pressure Iran over its nuclear programme.

Internet 'kill switch' proposed for US
That emergency authority would allow the Federal Government to "preserve those networks and assets and our country and protect our people," Joe Lieberman, the primary sponsor of the measure and the chairman of the Homeland Security committee, told reporters on Thursday. Can't be good (for Americans) if Lieberman is behind it.

Toppling the Mullahs by Philip Giraldi

Democrats demand flotilla "terrorists" be denied entry into U.S.
Congress needs a reboot at this point. Its incessantly doing the bidding of Israel to the detriment of American taxpayers.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Headlines for June 3 - June 9

A Stand For Justice

Remembering the USS Liberty
Congress never formally investigated the attack and to this day, bitterness lingers among the survivors of the only ship in U.S. naval history that was ever deliberately attacked by an ally. No one at any level — Israeli or American — was ever held accountable for what happened to the USS Liberty.

June 8th, Anniversary of Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty Veterans Today
“I have never believed that the attack on the USS Liberty was a case of mistaken identity,” Admiral Moorer has said. “What is so chilling and cold-blooded, of course, is that they [the Israelis] could kill as many Americans as they did in confidence that Washington would cooperate in quelling any public outcry. I have to conclude that it was Israel’s intent to sink the Liberty and leave as few survivors as possible.”

Top US officer: Vets need not suffer alone
In a stirring tribute to the D–Day sacrifices of American soldiers and their allies, the U.S. military's top officer said Sunday that World War II's defining moment should remind all that returning warriors need not "suffer in quiet desperation."

June 8 1967 - Honor those aboard the USS Liberty
Find out the truth (from the survivors) and most importantly, HONOR THEIR HEROISM, for it was their sheer bravery that prevented Israel from sinking that ship and killing ALL ABOARD.

43rd Anniversary of Israel’s Attack on USS Liberty
It is naive to think that the Obama team would give a damn about getting the truth out about last week’s Israeli attack on the humanitarian relief ship, considering how the U.S. government has vigilantly covered up the IDF killing of 34 American sailors.

Call Center ‘Saves’ 8,000 Suicidal Vets

Doubts Grow Over Israel's Value as U.S. Ally
"It is time Israel realised that it has obligations to the United States, as well as the United States to Israel, and that it (has to) become far more careful about the extent to which it test(s) the limits of U.S. patience and exploits the support of Americans Jews," he went on, noting the Israeli government "should be sensitive to the fact that its actions directly affect U.S. strategic interests in the Arab and Muslim worlds..."....."When someone as balanced and centrist as Tony Cordesman begins to worry about the extent to which Israel is making itself into a strategic burden for the United States, Israel should pause for some self-reflection," Freeman told IPS.......on the eve of Obama's inauguration, the influential National Journal ran a symposium on the question: "Is Israel a Strategic Liability for the United States?" in which a surprising number of respected national security analysts answered in the affirmative.

Iran Revolutionary Guards ready to escort Gaza ships

The Strategic Ally Myth by Philip Giraldi
Zuckerman’s latest contribution to international harmony is a lengthy piece in the US News & World Report entitled “Israel Is a Key Ally and Deserves US Support.” It is a propaganda piece that promotes one of the most persistent fictions put out by the mainstream media, that the relationship with Israel somehow benefits the United States.

More Spin from Israel by Philip Giraldi
The flotilla, consisting of nationals from as many as twenty countries, was unarmed and carrying relief supplies that had been carefully inspected by the Turkish authorities. It was in international waters when it was attacked. More than 600 passengers and crew, apart from those who were killed, were subsequently arrested by Israel for refusing to identify themselves. If all that is correct, then Tel Aviv is guilty of piracy, kidnapping, and murder while the armed attack on a Turkish flagged vessel might be construed as inviting a military response from NATO. One of the vessels bore an American flag and there were at least eight US citizens on board, including a former ambassador and a USS Liberty survivor, suggesting that a strong reaction from Washington would not be inappropriate........US congressmen are already lining up to support the Israeli action and the State Department is silent about the American student who had her eye shot out by Israeli border policemen while demonstrating peacefully against the attack on the flotilla

US Used Cluster Bombs on Yemen Civilians: Amnesty

Israel and Obama Hail UN Sanctions as Defiant Iran Vows to Keep Enriching Uranium

Israel asked U.S. to increase weapons supply, Haaretz learns
Israel recently approached the United States with new requests for security-related purchases, Haaretz has learned. The requests included Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM ) bombs for the Israel Air Force, as well as a significant expansion of the emergency stores held by the U.S. army in Israel.

'Israel may have ordered Kurdish terror attack'
Turkish authorities are accusing Israel of "ordering" a terror attack carried out by Kurdish rebels on the same day the Israeli Navy raided a Turkish-owned Gaza-bound ship last week in revenge for Ankara's involvement in the incident, Turkish newspaper Zaman reported Sunday.

Millions forced to wait for food stamps benefits
Americans literally go hungry as we continue to shovel billions of our taxpayer dollars to Israel - which then uses it to starve and imprison a million plus people, and take their land.

U.N. council hits defiant Iran with new sanctions
Russia and China, which have strong economic ties with Tehran and have at times resisted sanctions, fully backed the new U.N. move to blacklist dozens of Iranian military, industrial and shipping firms.

Iranian troops building fort in Iraq
Iranian troops pursuing Kurdish guerrillas in the remote mountains of northern Iraq have begun constructing a small fort on Iraqi territory, suggesting they plan on staying for a while, Kurdish officials said Tuesday.

Iran Warns Russia Not To Play Dangerous Games with UN’s New Sanctions

U.S. accused of Iran 'siege'
"Some parts of the territories occupied by Armenia lie in Iran's neighborhood and the (United States) wants to deploy its forces in the region under the cover of the U.N. peace-keeping troops," Samadov said.

Combat's Hidden Toll: 1 in 10 Soldiers Report Mental Health Problems
The most surprising finding was that the rates of depression and PTSD symptoms among the National Guard soldiers increased sharply 12 months post-deployment, while those same problems remained stable among full-time active duty soldiers.

1967 USS Liberty survivor was onboard flotilla ship
Meadors expects an investigation will show that Israel violated international law and should be held accountable for its actions. He holds the same hope for the USS Liberty case, which has yet to be settled.

“We filed a war crimes report with the Department of Defense in 2005. They claim they already investigated the allegation we made, but they can’t show us where they have,” said Meadors.

Meadors said that Israel was the aggressor in the flotilla attack and that the only story being portrayed is Israel’s version, because the Israeli forces confiscated all video and recording equipment from the flotilla passengers.

Local Veteran Talks About Israeli Attack on Flotilla
A local veteran says the Israeli attack on a flotilla in the Meditteranean brings back painful memories of an incident that occured some 43 years ago this month.
John Hrankowski was serving aboard the U.S.S. Liberty when it was attacked by Israeli jets and torpedo boats in the Six-Day War in June of 1967.

Extra letters from readers
The Times Union recently reported on the memorial services for the USS Stark and its crew attacked in international waters by an Iraq aircraft during the Iran-Iraq war. We deservedly remember their sacrifices and the bravery of the crew in saving their ship. But there are no memorial services for the crew of the USS Liberty attacked in international waters by the Israeli navy and air force during the 1967 Israeli war against the Arabs.

Russian PM gas pipeline unlikely to go to Israel
"Blue Stream II most likely will not be extended to Israel for purely financial reasons," Putin said on the sidelines of a security summit here. "They simply don't need it."

Israel’s bet
The U.S. military, whose job it now is to tamp down on Islamic extremism, may find it impossible to do so if it is seen as enabling Israel to attack other Muslims. Americans troops may wish to have it explained to them why the “special relationship” is so important given how detrimental it is to their jobs. It may very well be the only institution in government that could demand a change in U.S. foreign policy for the sake of the war effort and get away with it.

Sorry, 'Georgie', I doubt the flotilla passengers were 'pro-Hamas' as claimed here. But otherwise, good article which mentions USS Liberty, Pollard and the Lavon Affair.

Gaza flotilla: Turkey accused of behaving like Iran by Israel
The Turkish ruling party AKP was savagely attacked by an unrepentant Israeli government last night, which said it was behaving like Iran and was "wholly to blame" for the deterioration in relations between the two countries.

Israel: U.S. Asset or Burden? Asset, Say ADL, AIPAC, 334 Congressmen. Burden, Says Mossad
Pro-Israel advocates have maintained for decades that it is an asset, and a darned valuable one. This view has been emphatically restated in the past few days by, among others, the Anti-Defamation League (here), AIPAC and 334 members of the House of Representatives in (a letter) to President Obama THe Israeli Lobby has our Congress over a barrel. Believe it.

Four reasons the US could get Israel to talk about a Middle East free of weapons of mass destruction

The IAEA: From UN Nuclear Watchdog to US Lapdog
The most glaring indication of the IAEA’s appeasement of US belligerence over the latter’s allegations of Iranian nuclear ambitions, and therefore the need for further punitive UN sanctions, is the gaping omission from the agency’s report of the Tehran nuclear fuel swap declaration.

Pro-Israel PAC Contributions to 2010 Congressional Candidates
Notice the highest dollar amounts go to those who are routine and flagrant Israel-defenders, but who also hold key positions on important congressional committees.

Videos deepen mystery over Iran nuclear scientist Amiri
He says he was in the Saudi city of Medina as part of a Muslim pilgrimage when Saudi intelligence officers drugged and kidnapped him. "When I became conscious, I found myself in a plane on the way to the US," he said.

Erdogan, Putin: Israel won’t get our gas

General Patton Museum plans veteran tribute
Fellow desert veteran Navy Capt. William McGonagle, who earned his medal in 1967 as commanding officer of the USS Liberty, is also recognized in the exhibit.
McGonagle is a graduate of Coachella Valley High School.

Commando raid revealed
On Memorial Day, did we all remember the 34 dead on spyship USS Liberty? Who's to blame if we didn't, since the coverup by government and big media was well-executed

Are American politicians afraid to take on Israel
As a veteran and American, I recall the similar murderous Israeli attack on the USS Liberty in 1967, in which the American federal government subsequently became complicit. I would ask of the president, senators and congressmen: Are you afraid of Israel? Do you have a superseding allegiance to Israel over your allegiance to America? Is subservience to the small foreign country, Israel, a condition precedent to holding American national political office? The American-Israeli relationship is now and has been a costly disaster for America and Americans. Great article by a true American patriot.

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Headlines for May 27 - June 2

A Stand For Justice

EXCLUSIVE: Terror Attacks Against U.S. At All-Time High
The pace and number of attempted terror attacks against the U.S. over the past nine months has surpassed the number of attempts during any previous one-year period, according to an internal Department of Homeland Security report issued on Friday, May 21.

The Strategic Ally Myth by Philip Giraldi
Zuckerman’s latest contribution to international harmony is a lengthy piece in the US News & World Report entitled “Israel Is a Key Ally and Deserves US Support.” It is a propaganda piece that promotes one of the most persistent fictions put out by the mainstream media, that the relationship with Israel somehow benefits the United States

Terror link alleged as Saudi millions flow into Afghanistan war zone
Millions of dollars of Saudi Arabian money have flowed into Afghanistan over the past four years, the country’s intelligence officials say, with the sponsorship of terrorism its most likely use.

U.S. Keeps Watch on Iranian Shipping
Over the past 18 months, the U.S. and its allies have heightened surveillance of the fleet of Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines. That has led to the seizure of thousands of tons of arms officials say they believe were headed to Iran's allies in Lebanon, Syria and the Palestinian territories.

Israel stations nuclear missile subs off Iran
Three German-built Israeli submarines equipped with nuclear cruise missiles are to be deployed in the Gulf near the Iranian coastline.

Israel recoils as US backs nuclear move
Washington's unprecedented backing for a UN resolution for a nuclear–free Middle East that singles out Israel has both angered and deeply worried the Jewish state although officials are cagey about openly criticising their biggest ally.

Israel rejects new drive to ban nukes from Mideast
Israel declared late Saturday that it would not take part in a 2012 conference on establishing a nuclear–free Middle East – an Arab–led initiative backed by top ally U.S. and the 188 other signatories to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty.

How Disinformation Works by Philip Giraldi
The Times story additionally relates that Israeli defense minister Ehud Barack allegedly showed President Obama “classified satellite images of a convoy of ballistic missiles leaving Syria on the way to Hezbollah in Lebanon.” The fact is that US intelligence, which has far better capabilities than the Israelis, cannot verify the missile story that the Israelis have been peddling for several months. The Israelis clearly want the US to buy into the scud threat, but CIA analysts have so far found the evidence unconvincing.

Turkey PM: Critics of Iran should get rid of nukes
Nations criticizing an Iranian nuclear fuel–swap deal brokered by Brazil and Turkey should eliminate their own nuclear weapon stockpiles, Turkey's leader said Friday

US reassured Netanyahu ahead of NPT deal: Israeli official
Consternation over the resolution has welled up in Israel, where the top–selling Yediot Aharonot daily said Netanyahu's government was "furious with the Obama administration for having failed to prevent the resolution from passing... and for choosing to support it." Israel needs to get with the program. They are not above the law.

State official: Obama provided Israel with historic guarantees
The source noted that the US had effectively promised Israel that no decision made by the NPT conference would harm Israel's vital interests. One rule for Israel, one rule for the rest of the world.

Gaza convoy raid may boost militancy, experts say
Revulsion at the bloodshed on a Turkish vessel sailing to the Palestinian enclave could translate into increased fund–raising for transnational militant groups such as al Qaeda or like–minded allies, or foster tolerance or even sympathy for such groups among Muslims who are not otherwise ideological. In some cases, it could push passive al Qaeda sympathizers into active participation against Israel or its Western allies, and undermine the international cooperation needed for tracking down illicit funding of militant groups, they said.

Israeli Murders, NATO and Afghanistan
nobody wants or expects military action against Israel. But there is an uneasy recognition that in theory that ought to be on the table, and that NATO is obliged to do something robust to defend Turkey.

The U.S.S. Liberty and the culture of impunity
Soon after the Liberty attack, [National Security Agency director Lieutenant General Marshall] Carter appeared before a subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee to discuss the Liberty. [Deputy Secretary of Defense] Cyrus Vance joined him... "Cy Vance just told me to keep my mouth shut," [Gerard] Burke [Carter's chief of staff] recalled his boss telling him.... "There was absolutely no question in anybody's mind that the Israelis had done it deliberately," Burke said. "I was angrier because of the cover-up... The only mystery to me was why was the thing being covered up."...

What’s Behind White House Strategy To Woo U.S. Jews
Military cooperation, an issue usually discussed privately between the governments of Israel and the United States, has been a key theme of the administration’s outreach effort. In public speeches and in private meetings, Obama administration officials have provided Jewish audiences with a detailed list of U.S. measures taken to strengthen Israel.

Iran and Russia clash in worst row for years
In unusually strong criticism of Russia, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad admonished the Kremlin for bowing to what he said was U.S. pressure to agree sanctions and bluntly warned President Dmitry Medvedev to be more cautious.

U.S. Senate panel votes new Iran constraints
The U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee voted to require Pentagon contractors to certify they are not doing any prohibited business with Iran.

IAEA: Iran is expanding atom work, bomb fear remains
Tehran has however allowed the agency's inspectors better oversight at the site, something which they had been requesting for several months to ensure the material was not being diverted for military purposes.

Obama's Timidity and Deaths at Sea
So, you see, the Israeli military resorted to violence only in self-defense. Right........“Muslims do not ‘hate our freedom,’ but rather, they hate our policies. The overwhelming majority voice their objections to what they see as one-sided support in favor of Israel and against Palestinian rights.” A very good article by former CIA Ray McGovern.

Neocon Vampires Sink Their Fangs Into the Tea Parties

Expert Advice from The Washington Times by Philip Giraldi
Scarborough quoted a retired US Air Force Colonel named John Warden (possibly General Jack D. Ripper in alias) who suggested that the United States should deal with Iran by shutting down the country’s electrical generation capability for the foreseeable future because “Iran cannot sustain a nuclear research program if they don’t have electricity and oil and a bunch of other things like that.” John Pike, a “longtime analyst of the Pentagon and intelligence agencies” also quoted in the article, suggests that Israel target the workers at the Iranian nuclear sites.

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Headlines for May 20 - May 26

A Stand For Justice

Petraeus orders US spies to prepare for anti-nuclear strike on Iran
Teams of American special forces have been authorised to conduct spying missions intended to pave the way for a military strike on Iran in case President Obama orders one, US government sources have confirmed.

Obama: U.S. can't act alone in world
Obama: U.S. can't act alone in world

Date: 5/23/2010

By Patricia Zengerle Patricia Zengerle – Sat May 22, 4:10 pm ET

WEST POINT, New York (Reuters) – President Barack Obama declared on Saturday the United States cannot act alone in the world and pledged to shape a new "international order" as part of a national security strategy to seal his break with Bush–era policies.

Setting out his vision for keeping America safe as it fights wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, Obama stressed international engagement over predecessor George W. Bush's "cowboy diplomacy" and signaled his likely repudiation of Bush's justifications for pre–emptive war.

"The burdens of this century cannot fall on our soldiers alone, it also cannot fall on American shoulders alone," Obama told graduating cadets at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. "Our adversaries would like to see America sap its strength by overextending our power."

US/Israel Challenged on Iran
despite the rhetoric, Israel and its supporters in Washington do not view the current dispute over Iran's nuclear program as an "existential threat." Rather, it is viewed as another golden opportunity to bring "regime change" to a country considered one of Israel's adversaries, as Iraq was under Saddam Hussein
Ray McGovern is a former CIA analyst.

Congress OKs $205 million for Israel
Israel, facing the threat of a massive missile attack by Iran and its proxies, breathed a sigh of relief after the U.S. Congress overwhelmingly approved giving it $205 million to buy 10 batteries of a new missile-defense system.

Israel impatient with international effort to thwart Iran's nuclear ambition
Israel wants war.

'Israeli Retaliation Must Include Major Muslim Sites'
A new paper from the BESA Center for Mideast Security and Policy says any Israeli response to a non-conventional attack from Arab countries must include an attack on sites of “major symbolic importance for the Muslim world”.

PA's Abbas slams Iran
As to the Palestinian boycott on settlement products, Abbas declared that he too takes part in the campaign.

Shaping the Story on Iran by Philip Giraldi
There have been recent reports that Iran has enabled the travel of al-Qaeda leaders to Afghanistan and Pakistan where they will be able to confront and kill American soldiers. If you think you have heard the story before, you have, in another context. In the earlier rendition it was Saddam Hussein who was hand-in-glove with al-Qaeda, helping the group in its nefarious planning to attack the United States and kill Americans Another must read by Philip Giraldi.

Brazil: Iran is willing to talk, others must do the same
Photo by: Reuters

"Iran, which had been sold to the world as the devil... sat down at the negotiating table. I want to see the others comply with what they wanted Iran to do," Lula said during a speech to mayors in the capital, Brasilia.

U.S. Is Said to Expand Secret Actions in Mideast
The secret directive, signed in September by Gen. David H. Petraeus, authorizes the sending of American Special Operations troops to both friendly and hostile nations in the Middle East, Central Asia and the Horn of Africa to gather intelligence and build ties with local forces. Officials said the order also permits reconnaissance that could pave the way for possible military strikes in Iran if tensions over its nuclear ambitions escalate.

General Petraeus's Secret Ops
If President Obama knew about this, authorized it and still supports it, then Obama has crossed a red line, and the president will stand revealed as an aggressive, militaristic liberal interventionist who bears a closer resemblance to the president he succeeded than to the ephemeral reformer that he pretended to be in 2008, when he ran for office.

U.S. Media Censors U.S. Support of Iran Fuel Swap
But if you get your information from major U.S. media, here's something that you almost certainly don't know: Brazil and Turkey say that before they reached the deal, they understood that they had the backing of the Obama Administration for their efforts. The available evidence suggests that Brazil and Turkey had good reason to believe that they had U.S. support, and that the Obama Administration has taken a 180 degree turn in its position in the last few weeks, and is now trying to cover its tracks, with the active collaboration of major U.S. media.

Iran: No nuclear swap deal without support of Western powers

Syria's Assad says US has lost Mideast peace influence
Assad was quoted as telling the Italian daily La Repubblica that Washington "has no influence because they don't do anything for peace. But they remain the greatest power."

Take Iran’s Deal, Mr. President by Patrick J. Buchanan
Not only did Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey and President Lula da Silva of Brazil put their prestige on the line by flying to Tehran, the deal they got is a near-exact replica of the deal Obama offered Iran eight months ago. Why is President Obama slapping it away? Does he not want a deal? Has he already decided on the sanctions road that leads to war?

BILL TITLE: To authorize assistance to Israel for the Iron Dome anti-missile defense system

From Times Square to Jacksonville: When Terrorism Is a Double-Standard
Few of you know that 10 days after the attempted terrorist attack in Times Square, an actual terrorist attack took place in Jacksonville when a firebomb exploded outside the city's biggest mosque, the Islamic Center of Northeast Florida. Some 60 worshippers were praying inside when the bomb went off and started a fire. No one was injured. The bomber is still at large.

Rand Paul and Israel

Getting Serious About Iran
There is no conceivable solution to the threat of a nuclear Iran that will not require American leadership. All of the options — whether economic sanctions or military action — are impossible without American support.

America Moves the Goalposts
If all the mistrust needed further illustration, it has just been provided by the Brazilian-Turkish deal on Iran’s low enriched uranium (LEU), the peevish U.S. reaction to it, and the apparent determination of the Great Powers, led by the Obama administration, to burrow deeper into failure.

Expert Advice from The Washington Times by Philip Giraldi
A copy of The Washington Times was on display with a large front page picture of yesterday’s Salute to Israel parade in New York. Next to the picture was an article by Rowan Scarborough entitled “Israel arms may not be enough to stop nukes.”

Syria defies Western pressure over Hezbollah
"A Scud missile is as big as this room. How could it be hidden and smuggled with Israeli planes and satellites all over the region?" Moualem asked, adding that cumbersome Scuds were not suited to Hezbollah's guerrilla tactics.

Iran sends letter to IAEA on swap deal
Iran Sunday handed over a letter to International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) chief Yukiya Amano on a nuclear swap deal reached with Brazil and Turkey, the Iranian state-run Press TV reported.

John Bolton's North Korea plan: Bomb Iran!
The former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. already advocated bombing Iran on the Wall Street Journal opinion page once this month (and last month, and the month before that), but North Korea's apparent torpedo attack on a South Korean warship earlier this year gives Bolton an entirely new reason to suggest an immediate preemptive strike against Iran:

Russian official: Iran's reactor ready by August
Russia's top nuclear official says that work on Iran's first nuclear plant is on schedule and the reactor will start operation by August.

Confiscating Your Property
"One of the main reasons they do this and why they love civil forfeiture is because in Texas and over 40 states and at the federal level, police and prosecutors get to keep all or most of the property that they seize for their own use," he said. "So they can use it to improve their offices, buy better equipment."

India snubs US, hails Iran's N-plan

PM: Radical Islam with nukes – danger to mankind
Amid international efforts to impose fresh sanctions against Iran, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on Russia to cooperate with Israel in order to curb the Islamic Republic's nuclear ambitions.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Headlines for May 13 - May 19

A Stand For Justice

US gets China, Russia on board for Iran sanctions

Obama seeks $205 million for Israel rocket shield
President Barack Obama will ask Congress to provide $205 million to Israel to spur production and deployment of a new short-range rocket defense system, administration officials said Thursday.....The money comes on top of annual US assistance to Israel. Think about that as my fellow Americans are jobless and struggling to pay their mortgage and feed their families: we keep shoveling billions to Israel to uphold its state built on apartheid and supremacism.

Israel fears Iran nuclear deal will delay UN sanctions

Iran to sign nuclear swap deal with Turkey, Brazil
The United States has been pushing for a fourth round of UN sanctions on Iran. Turkey and Brazil, both non-permanent members of the UN Security Council, objected to sanctions and have been mediating an agreement on a fuel swap plan.

Many Voices Singing One Song by Philip Giraldi
Schumer’s very interesting comments, suggesting that he has a rather narrow view of his responsibility to represent all the people of New York State, were not reported anywhere in the mainstream media. It was apparently not considered newsworthy that a Senator from the Empire State had pledged love and loyalty to a foreign country....Has anyone wondered at the large number of foreigners who have somehow made their way into Washington’s think tank and media punditry industry? They are found most commonly at places like the Foundation for the Defense of Democracy, the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), the Hudson Institute, the Heritage Foundation, the Saban Center at Brookings, and, of course at the AIPAC-founded Washington Institute for Near Eastern Policy (WINEP). Another must read article by Philip Giraldi.

US tries to blunt Iran anti-sanctions push
The Obama administration moved Thursday to head off a joint Turkish–Brazilian effort that could help Iran avoid new United Nations sanctions over its suspect nuclear program.

Russia warns US against unilateral Iran sanctions

No 'serious response' from Iran without sanctions: US

A Hard Push to Get Tough on Tehran
the White House is reported to be urging the insertion of language that would allow for exemptions to so-called “cooperating countries.” Against White House denials, a Republican congresswoman and member of the conference committee, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida, has claimed that the exemption provision is a specific sop for China and Russia in exchange for their votes in favor of an “almost do-nothing U.N. resolution.”

Gates plays down chances of atomic deal with Iran
His comments stood in contrast to those by Iran's foreign minister, Manouchehr Mottaki, who said on Friday he saw good prospects for clinching a deal with world powers on exchanging LEU for higher-grade fuel it can use in a reactor producing medical isotopes.

Iran faces fresh sanctions as Russia and China support UN resolution
The 10-page draft resolution also calls for stopping Iranian ships suspected of containing cargo related to Iran's nuclear or missile programmes. Such a policy could create potentially dangerous stand-offs between US naval ships and Iranian vessels.

Itching to Fight Another Muslim Enemy
Indeed, looking at this American propaganda campaign objectively, you would assume that the only acceptable outcome of U.S. differences with Iran is another Iraq-like ratcheting up of tensions, using Washington’s influence within the UN Security Council to impose escalating sanctions, leading ultimately to another war, as if the lessons of Iraq have already been forgotten.....The Post’s neocon editorial writers reprised the usual anti-Iran propaganda themes with all the arrogance that they once showed in declaring as flat fact that Saddam Hussein possessed stockpiles of WMD.

Turkey Urges West to Forget Iran Sanctions
Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan said on Monday he saw no need for United Nations Security Council sanctions after Iran agreed to send some of its uranium abroad.

Iran dismisses U.N. sanctions draft
Iran on Wednesday dismissed a draft U.N. resolution to expand sanctions over its nuclear program, saying the measures were unlikely to be approved and would not break its economy if they were implemented.

Former US General Warns of Chemical Attacks against Israel
Gen. Paul Vallely speaks to PJTV exclusively and reveals how Iranian submarines are now equipping Israel's enemies with Scud missiles armed warheads filled with chemical weapons I couldn't watch the whole thing. This man is disturbing. Hard to believe he's a General.

New Miss USA: Islamic fundamentalism in a bikini?
Fakih, a 24–year–old Arab–American whose family hails from Lebanon , has almost nothing in common with the religious zealots who inspire militant Islam. Yet the tiara had scarcely come to rest on her cascading dark tresses Sunday night when the far reaches of the right wing blogosphere went ballistic.

You'll notice that most of her critics were Israel-supporters who need for Americans to see all Arabs as terrorists, or they may feel sympathy for the Palestinians.

U.S. wants to build up Hezbollah moderates: adviser
The Obama administration is looking for ways to build up "moderate elements" within the Lebanese Hezbollah guerrilla movement and to diminish the influence of hard–liners, a top White House official said on Tuesday.

The Iran nuclear deal and the new premier league of global powers

Declassified GAO Report Exposes Fatally Flawed Israel Investigations
Kennedy delivered a final ultimatum to Israel on July 5, 1963, insisting that Dimona undergo serial inspections “in accord with international standards” in order to verify its “peaceful intent.” Simultaneously, the Kennedy Justice Department was waging an intense battle behind closed doors to register and regulate Israel’s elite U.S. lobby, the American Zionist Council, which was bringing in funds from overseas to lobby. Kennedy’s assassination in November traumatized the nation and led to the complete and permanent reversal of both initiatives. Interesting.

Russia to sell Syria warplanes, air defense systems

Humiliating Turkey and Brazil
The Turks and Brazilians, who felt they had “delivered” Iran on the terms demanded by the United States, were surprised and disappointed at the negative reactions from Washington. Little did they know that their success in Tehran, which had been given a 0-30 percent chance just days earlier, came just as the Americans were putting the final touches on a package of sanctions to be presented to the UN Security Council.

Jewish Democratic group asks syndicate to nix Pat Buchanan's column
Buchanan found himself in hot water last week after he penned a piece saying that if Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan is confirmed, the number of Jews on the Court will be highly disproportionate to the U.S. population.

Why Christian Zionists Really Support Israel
Christians attending these churches will also learn about the miraculous rise of the modern State of Israel and the existential threats it faces today. Many will leave church with a better understanding of the dangers of Iran’s nuclear weapons program, Palestinian terror and the international campaign against Israel’s legitimacy. Authored by the Supreme Christian ZioNutter in Charge, John Hagee.

Arab-Americans delight in Miss USA victory
Fakih was born in Srifa, a village in southern Lebanon that was heavily bombed during the 2006 Israel–Hezbollah war. She moved to the United States with her family in 1993 and attended a Catholic school in New York. Her family moved to Michigan in 2003.

Still Fighting Them Here
Aren’t we “fighting them over there so we don’t have to fight them here?” And if so, why are we still fighting them here?

'Iran entitled to nuclear program'
Brazilian President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva met with Iranian leaders on Sunday, and called the relationship between the two countries “strategic.”

MP attacks Brazilian president
“You new companero send rockets and bombs to terrorist Jew-killers in Hezbollah. He swaggers around the world threatening every democracy with the wrath of his hate of freedom.”

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Headlines for May 6 - May 12

A Stand For Justice

A Timetable For War by Philip Giraldi
Second, the Israeli government having sold the "existential threat" fiction does want a war, but its options are limited. It knows it can only do temporary damage to Iran and wants the United States to do the heavy lifting. That will require contriving a situation that will bring about US entry into the conflict, otherwise an Israeli attack will have only limited value, possibly slowing down Iran’s nuclear program but not stopping it while also guaranteeing that the Mullahs will make the political decision to develop a weapon A must read for all Americans.

Loose Lips on Iran Can Sink America
To punish Iran for its speculative interest in nuclear weapons, Harman called for sanctions to “cripple Iran’s ability to import refined petroleum products.” (As a Harvard-educated lawyer, she should be aware that, under international law, such a blockade would be an act of war. It also would inflict widespread hardship on the Iranian people.) But Israel’s right-wing Likud government and America's neocons have identified Iran as the new enemy.....What concerns me greatly, however, is that the American people are being played again by those both in government and the media who wish to zap Iran. Like Giraldi, McGovern was also in the CIA. Heed their warnings.

Iran over decade away from anti-U.S. missile: study

Israel to Russia: Hamas is like the Chechen terrorists
The Foreign Ministry also said that it was very disappointed that the Russian president met with Hamas leader Khaled Meshal in Damascus on Tuesday.

Israel says N.Korea shipping WMDs to Syria

US Troops Executing Prisoners in Afghanistan: Seymour Hersh
"What it means is, and I've been told this anecdotally by five or six different people, battlefield executions are taking place," he continued. "Well, if they can't prove they're Taliban, bam. If we don't do it ourselves, we turn them over to the nearby Afghan troops and by the time we walk three feet the bullets are flying. And that's going on now."

Why the War Is Coming Home by Patrick J. Buchanan
We are being attacked over here because we are over there.

Russia urges active US role in Mideast
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev urged the United States on Wednesday to actively work to achieve peace in the Mideast with the support of other nations, saying there is a "human tragedy" in Gaza...."The Mideast must be a region cleared from nuclear weapons," Medvedev said. "The use of nuclear weapons in the region would be a disaster."

Israel FM: Iran, Syria, NKorea new 'axis of evil'
Israel = Chicken Little.

Syria: Israel would never declare war without U.S. permission
Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem denied that the Middle East was on the brink of armed conflict, telling Radio Monte Carlo on Thursday that Israel was unlikely to declare war without first consulting Washington.

Israel sees no discord with U.S. on nuclear issue
Israel voiced confidence on Tuesday that U.S. President Barack Obama would not challenge its long-standing policy of neither confirming nor denying it has nuclear weapons.

More on the Clash of Civilizations by Philip Giraldi

Why Was Cheney in Saudi Arabia?

U.S. joins U.N. council at Iran dinner in New York

Syria and Russia in talks on nuclear power

Israel Official Defends Nuclear Ambiguity as 'Strategic Advantage'

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Headlines for April 29 - May 5

A Stand For Justice

Arab states: Israel's nuclear program is destabilizing Mideast
On the second day of the month-long meeting at the United Nations, Arab countries were reiterating calls for a nuclear-free Middle East with criticism of Israel's unacknowledged nuclear arsenal and failure to sign the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT).

Schumer: I'm on a Mission From God (to Be Israel's Guardian in Senate)
Then there are these quotes from Reps. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), Eliot Engel (D-NY), and Anthony Weiner (D-NY) to the Zionist Organization of America that is currently organizing opposition to President Obama and to any negotiations with Palestinians.....Of course, every one of these legislators criticizes US policies they disagree with and certainly US Presidents. But when it comes to Israel, they are drum majors for Netanyahu (God-appointed in Schumer's case). Treason.

Clinton warns Iran, Syria on threats to Israel

Tehran warns Israel against attack on Syria as arms tension mounts
"We will stand alongside Syria against any [Israeli] threat," Rahimi said at a news conference with the Syrian prime minister, Mohammad Naji Otri. "If those who have violated Palestinian land try anything, we will cut off their feet," he promised.....The sabre-rattling followed a spate of US statements accusing Damascus and Tehran of arming the Lebanese Shia movement Hezbollah with sophisticated weapons that could threaten Israel.

Iran warns US against taking UN 'hostage'
Iran warned Washington on Saturday against taking the United Nations "hostage" by rejecting visas for Iranian delegates led by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to a nuclear conference in New York.

Iran moves to challenge U.S. in Mideast: Gates
"Iran is combining ballistic and cruise missiles, anti-ship missiles, mines, and swarming speedboats in order to challenge our naval power in that region," Gates told a conference of U.S. Navy advocates outside Washington.

Ahmedinejad accuses US, Israel of planning Iran nuclear attack
Delegates from the UK, US, France, Hungary, New Zealand and Holland at the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) conference left the room as Mr Ahmedinejad denied that Iran was building nuclear weapons.

Neocon John Bolton in the neoconservative WSJ advocating for war on Iran

AP source: US Navy has encounter with Iranian jet
The official says the jet buzzed a Navy aircraft carrier, the USS Eisenhower, coming within about 1,000 yards of the ship. The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly on the matter, said the April 21 incident occurred in international waters.

Clinton, Ahmadinejad trade barbs over nukes at UN
Speaking from the podium of the General Assembly Hall, Clinton accused Iran of "flouting the rules" of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty with its suspect uranium enrichment program, and said it is "time for a strong international response."
For his part, Ahmadinejad earlier rejected such allegations, saying Washington has offered not "a single credible proof."

Outsourcing Security Greases Corporate Warmongering
As a result of the sheer expense of privatized warfare on the US taxpayer, it has driven protestors to demand Congress to pass the "Stop Outsourcing Security Act" - a bill that would drastically downsize the use of corporate contractors in war zones.

Can Brazil Save the World from War with Iran?
Brazil has likened the current push for expanded sanctions against Iran to the run-up to the US invasion of Iraq in 2003. In particular, Brazil has expressed the fear that expanding sanctions now will undermine the prospects of a diplomatic solution and therefore set the stage for war later, just as the imposition and maintenance of U.S./U.N. sanctions against Iraq in the 1990s set the stage for the Bush Administration's invasion of Iraq in 2003. And well, they're right. Israel is once again leading the US into war.

Clinton: We support Israel against Syria, Iran
Israel is becoming increasingly concerned over the possible transfer of Scud missiles to Hizbollah, which would allow terrorists to hit Israeli targets more easily.....The US is currently considering renewing its diplomatic relations with Damascus, which has been without a US ambassador for five years.

U.S. and other big powers back Mideast nuclear arms ban
Israel has tried to fend off Egyptian–led scrutiny of its arsenal by urging Cairo to view Iran's atomic ambitions as the regional threat, an Israeli official has said. Egypt says both Israel and Iran are nuclear threats to the region and wants action on both countries.

Jewish groups: Boycott Ahmadinejad in NYC
The World Jewish Congress asked its member communities to contact their government representatives to persuade them to participate in the protest walkout See related story in this news batch: their orders were followed by the US, UK and others.

APNewsBreak: IAEA chief focuses on Israel
The head of the U.N. atomic watchdog is asking for international input on how to persuade Israel to join the Nonproliferation Treaty, in a move that is sure to add to pressure on the Jewish state to disclose its unacknowledged nuclear arsenal.

Israel: N. Korea smuggling arms to Iran
Peres provided no proof to back up his claims, but his comments echoed similar allegations last month in which he accused Syria of providing Scud missiles to Hezbollah guerrillas in Lebanon.

Video: Did You Actually Say, Israel Needs To Be Wiped Off The Map?
The question and answer is at minute 4:47.

US, Egypt negotiate Mideast nuclear-free zone report
US officials are in talks with Egypt over a plan to make the Middle East a nuclear-free zone, part of an effort to block the Iranian nuclear program, The Wall Street Journal reported Saturday.

William Hague: I have Iran in my sights
The ex-Tory leader has argued for Britain to adopt the same sanctions regime against Iranian financial institutions as the United States and to seek European agreement on putting a stop to investments in Iran's vast oil and gas fields.......Perhaps the ideological common ground between the Tories and Binyamin Netanyahu's Likud might be a help. The Brits too are about to be dragged into WWIII thanks to Israel.

Hillary Clinton Calls Ahmadinejad Anti-semitic President
“Iran, with its anti-Semitic president and hostile nuclear ambitions, continues to threaten Israel, but it also threatens the region and it sponsors terrorism,” Mrs Clinton said at the American Jewish Committee Annual Gala Dinner here

ElBaradei says sanctions on Iran will fail

Who Are the Jews Behind Palin in 2012?
Not only does she continue to receive the hearty backing of William Kristol, editor and publisher of The Weekly Standard and contributor to Fox News, but at the end of March, Norman Podhoretz, former editor of Commentary and godfather of the neoconservative movement, took to the op-ed page of The Wall Street Journal to offer a “defense of Sarah Palin.” Neocons love Sarah Palin. And neocons are traitors to America: pro-Israel = anti-America. Support for Israel endangers America's national security. It was the primary motivation given by the mastermind of 911.

How the US helps al-Qaida
"The central fact is that overwhelmingly suicide-terrorist attacks are not driven by religion as much as they are by a clear strategic objective: to compel modern democracies to withdraw military forces from the territory that the terrorists view as their homeland," Robert Papes, the pre-eminent US expert on suicidal terrorists, told The American Conservative Magazine in 2005.

NPT 101: Is Iran violating the nuclear treaty?

Muslim leader says US enemies should leave
A leader of the Ahmadiya Islamic minority on Tuesday implored US Muslims who would attack the country to leave, after a Pakistani–American was charged in a car bomb plot.

Real Conservatives Are Antiwar

Hezbollah: Egyptian jailings 'unjust and politicised'
Hezbollah has said the charges are politically motivated and in revenge for the movement's stance on Egypt's support for the Israeli blockade of Gaza.

A Lesson From Brandeis
Jewish communal leaders wring their hands at the studies showing a diminishing interest in and affection toward Israel among younger American Jews, and then respond by calling for more free trips to Israel, more identity programs, more and better advocacy. But they should also listen. It’s possible that the policies of the Netanyahu government, which Oren represents, also contribute to this alienation.

Terror case bias alleged
The resolution describes "pre-emptive prosecution'' as an FBI program in which Muslims not involved in criminal activity are targeted and then prosecuted based on electronic surveillance and other "secret'' evidence.