Sunday, October 14, 2007

Headlines for 10-13-07

Top North Korean official to visit Syria amid nuclear fears A top North Korean official is to visit Syria, the country's official media said on Saturday, amid fears the two countries are collaborating on a secret nuclear programme.

Merkel to discuss new Iran sanctions with Putin

"Seven countries in five years" ** While the Bush White House promotes the possibility of armed conflict with Iran, a tantalizing passage in Wesley Clark's new memoir suggests that another war is part of a long-planned Department of Defense strategy that anticipated "regime change" by force in no fewer than seven Mideast states. Critics of the war have often voiced suspicions of such imperial schemes, but this is the first time that a high-ranking former military officer has claimed to know that such plans existed. ..... '...We're going to take out seven countries in five years.' And he named them, starting with Iraq and Syria and ending with Iran."

Iran leader urges summit boycott He said the aim of the meeting was to bolster Israel's position at the expense of the Palestinians...."This US-proposed move is in fact an initiative of the United States of America's regime to save the Zionist regime," he said.

We rush to war in Iran at our own peril by Bob Barr **

Israeli strike was on Syrian nuke reactor: New York Times

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