Thursday, October 25, 2007

Headlines for 10-24-07

Iraq, Afghan wars could cost US 2.4 trillion: report

Bomb Iran? U.S. Requests Bunker-Buster Bombs ** Tucked inside the White House's $196 billion emergency funding request for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is an item that has some people wondering whether the administration is preparing for military action against Iran. Think gas prices are high now, folks?

'New, constructive ideas' in Iran nuclear talks: negotiator Iran's former nuclear pointman Ali Larijani said Wednesday that "new and constructive ideas" had emerged during talks in Rome on the crisis surrounding Tehran's contested nuclear programme.

Iran "perhaps single greatest" security risk to US: Rice Who says Rice doesn't parrot neocon BS?

Hans Blix questions U.S. fears over Iran

Bush offers to bomb Kurds THE Bush Administration is considering air strikes, including cruise missiles, against the Kurdish rebel group PKK in northern Iraq.

U.S. will cut off Iran's 'malignant' actions Florida Republican Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen said the Bush administration appeared to be taking a "slow, deliberative course" on Iran and should designate the entire Revolutionary Guards Corps a terrorist group."Why not put the whole corps on the list?" Ros-Lehtinen asked.
Ros-Lehtinen - one of Israel's top agents on Capitol Hill.

Report: Iran acquiring fighter jets that are based on Israeli technology Iran has signed a deal with China to purchase 24 J-10 fighter jets between 2008 and 2010, Russian news agency Novosti reported. The jets were developed based on the technology of Israel's Lavi fighter jet, whose technology was sold to China against the wishes of the US. Israel gets a taste of its own medicine.

Meridor: We must be ready to preempt threats "This will take a united United States on this matter, that they would not have the illusion today that come January '09, they [Teheran] have it their own way," he said, referring to the inauguration of President George W. Bush's successor, who could potentially change US policy on Iran. Why is ISRAEL'S problem now OUR problem, by their own admission? Their lobby (which includes the neocons) here in the States makes sure that this is the case, that's why.

Turkish raids along Iraqi border Turkish fighter jets have bombed several Kurdish PKK rebel positions on the border with Iraq, according to the semi-official Anatolia news agency.

Oil prices head back toward highs Oil prices headed back toward record highs after an unexpected fall in US stockpiles of crude sparked supply fears ahead of the winter months.

Cheney Lays the Foundation for War ** Is Cheney threatening war against Iran? Yes, that?s exactly what he is doing. As Greg Djerejian reminds us, in the lead-up to the war against Iraq, Cheney gave a number of speeches making clear the intention to resort to arms against Saddam Hussein. And he used exactly the same language, including specifically the key phrase "serious consequences."

Media pundits ask: Should the US bomb Iran now? **

AEI?s Muravchik: 'I Don't Mind If We Bomb Iran Next Month Or The Month After' ** Muravchik added, "I don't mind if we bomb next month or the month after. I think we have to do it sometime in a short time frame." Matthews then suggested that the real reason Muravchik is pushing for war so soon is not because of national security imperatives, but because Bush is the most likely president to follow through We are being neoCONed again. These folks are the single greatest threat to the American national interest in terms of blood and treasure.

Giuliani appears to be front-runner among top GOP Jewish donors "There's not one thing wrong with Rudy Giuliani's position on Israel, but in John McCain's history you can see that support," he said. "I think we're not picking the lesser of evils. I think we're picking the greater of greats."

Israeli premier praises enhanced France-Israel relationship Olmert said "we are reassured of our security" and "something had changed in relations" between France and Israel.

Holy Land trial notes reveal jury in turmoil "Attacks on each other happen often," she wrote. "Opinions, not facts, are discussed. Some are closed to deliberations, which shuts off conversations that are meaningful."
On Monday, four days after handing in a verdict that was then sealed until the presiding judge came back to town, some jurors shocked courtroom observers by then telling the judge that they no longer agreed with what the panel had decided.
Must have been a few pro-Israelis on the jury, from the sounds of it.

CAIR: Giuliani Advisor Supports Terror Group In 2001, Pipes claimed the "presence" and "enfranchisement" of American Muslims present "true dangers to American Jews." He recently renewed a call to "raze" Palestinian villages from which anti-Israeli attacks are launched.

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