Sunday, October 7, 2007

Headlines for 10-06-07

Iran to re-open its border with Iraq Iran will re-opens its border with Iraq on Sunday after a two-week closure to protest at the detention of an Iranian by US troops, the semi-official news agency Fars reported.

Dubai police chief warns against Western attack on Iran ** Tamim, who was speaking at a forum on Friday night, was arguing for closer Gulf Arab ties with Iran and advocating that it join the Gulf Cooperation Council, whose six member states are close US allies.

Iran says French call for EU sanctions illegal Iran's foreign minister said on Saturday France's call for EU sanctions against Tehran outside of the U.N. framework was illegal and the Islamic Republic would not back away from its nuclear ambitions.

Report: Syria to Iraq Homicide Bomb Trail Fox News, neocon shill supremo, is making the case for war.

Iran says oilfields 'too attractive' for France to quit

US hawk David Wurmser 'plotted Iran war' ** Preceding him through the exit doors were figures such as Paul Wolfowitz, John Bolton, Doug Feith, Lewis "Scooter" Libby, Robert Joseph and J.D.Crouch. This string of departures, Mr Wurmser concedes, is partly because there is "some degree of frustration" with the direction of President George W. Bush's foreign policy as career diplomats under Condoleezza Rice, US Secretary of State, have reasserted themselves.
Do we dare hope that the America-firsters, if any, in this administration will prevail before the neocons start WWIII by attacking Iran?...

The High Cost of U.S. Subservience to Israel by Paul Findley America?s support of Israel?s brutality was the main motivation for 9/11. That tragedy would not have happened if any U.S. president in the last 40 years had refused to finance Israel?s humiliation and destruction of Palestine. Michael Scheuer, a former CIA analyst and now a consultant to CBS News, recently told a congressional committee that ?our unqualified support of Israel? was the main reason for 9/11. Marine Gen. Anthony Zinni, President George W. Bush?s first special envoy to the Middle East, has stated that the United States invaded Iraq for Israel and oil. Paul Findley was a Republican Congressman for 22 years.

So Who's Afraid of the Israel Lobby? by Ray McGovern I was intrigued by the fact that Mearsheimer and Walt made no mention of what I believe to be, if not the most telling, then perhaps the most sensational proof of the power the Lobby knows it can exert over our government and Congress. In sum, in June 1967, after deliberately using fighter-bombers and torpedo boats to attack the USS Liberty for over two hours in an attempt to sink it and kill its entire crew, and then getting the U.S. government, the Navy, and the Congress to cover up what happened, the Israeli government learned that it could ? literally ? get away with murder. My sentiments exactly. Ray McGovern is former CIA.

Unmasking AIPAC

ATT blocking content of USS Liberty webpage? ATT is evidently blocking this website about the USS Liberty. Here is the Jan. 2007 version of the page from the Internet Archiver.

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