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Headlines for 10-23-07

Iran nuclear envoy vows no change Iran's new nuclear negotiator has said his country will continue nuclear discussions "with strength".

U.S. says Iraq air strike kills 11, mostly civilians The U.S. military said it killed 11 people in a helicopter attack on a group of men seen planting a roadside bomb north of Baghdad on Tuesday, but police and residents said the dead were farmers, women and children.

US may delay missile defense system The United States might delay activating its proposed missile defense sites in Europe until it has "definitive proof" of a missile threat from Iran, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Tuesday.

EU's Solana, Iran's new nuclear pointman have 'constructive' talks Larijani, whose presence at the talks intrigued observers after his sudden resignation at the weekend, told a press briefing: "I thanked Mr Solana for these constructive talks which were clear and transparent."

Biden Says Bush Could Use Iranian Measure to Wage War (Update1) ** Democrat Joe Biden, chairman of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said President George W. Bush could use a measure calling the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps a terrorist group as a justification for war.

Bush says Iranian missiles could reach US, all Europe by 2015

Fewer think US adequately thwarting terror ** Sixty-five percent said they preferred economic or diplomatic moves against Iran, compared to 19 percent who favored military action or threats. Looks like Cheney and the neocons (Israel lobby) have their work cut out for them.

Bin Laden calls on Muslims to battle US in Iraq Osama bin Laden has called for intensified fighting against US-led forces in Iraq and made a plea to Muslims in the region to join the battle, in an audio recording posted on the internet.

Seven CIA Veterans Challenge 9/11 Commission Report "Cui bono - Who benefits? - is a question that must ever be asked about Middle Eastern terror." - Patrick J. Buchanan. Who has benefited the most from 9/11? OBL? Neocons? Israel? ....

Tortured by Uncle Sam by Philip Giraldi That attorney general-designate Michael Mukasey, who is almost certain to be confirmed by Congress, claims not to know whether water-boarding amounts to torture or not is outrageous. That the president of the United States has not been challenged by the public and press when he explains that "we do not torture" ? while he refuses to make public secret memos contradicting his words ? marks a sad day for those who revere our liberties.

The GOP Purge They care about one issue and one issue only: war and more war, as far as the eye can see. When they've run the GOP into the ground and reduced it to a mostly regional party, they'll abandon the dried-up husk and emigrate back to where they came from ? the Scoop Jackson wing of the Democratic Party, where they can join Joe Lieberman, Joshua Muravchik, and Hillary Clinton's neoconservative fan club in ginning up a war with Iran.

PM Erdoğan to press Olmert to give up supporting Iraqi Kurds Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will bring the issue of Israeli experts' training of military forces in the autonomous Kurdish region of northern Iraq to the agenda in his talks with his Israeli counterpart, Ehud Olmert, scheduled to take place today in the British capital.

Israel, in policy shift on Iran, is lobbying countries directly In Israel, Bush?s remarks highlighting Iranian threats to destroy the Jewish state sparked heated debate. Many lamented that the U.S. president made it seem as if Israel is the only reason for Iran?s nuclear drive ? perpetuating a false perception Israelis say is not in their national interest.....Likud Knesset member Yuval Steinitz, after meeting this month with U.S. Congress members, senators and senior officials including Vice President Dick Cheney, told JTA the United States may soon present Iran with a military ultimatum Israel is nation behind this bs, and she's taking us along with her (again).

U.S. talking even tougher on Iran, but also pushing Palestinian state ** Israel and the pro-Israel lobby has long counted on Elliott Abrams, President Bush's deputy national security adviser and peace process skeptic who usually has the last word on such issues. Yet it is Abrams and his boss, Stephen Hadley, the national security adviser, who are in Israel this week, precisely to make clear that Bush wants action ahead of Annapolis......Despite such pressures, Israel is getting relief on what it sees as the more pressing issue: Iran. In the Oct. 17 press conference, Bush made it clear how far he had traveled toward Israeli thinking. For the first time, Bush described nuclear know-how -- not just the acquisition of weapons -- as a red line.....Israel says the moment will come when the Iranians know how to build a bomb, which might be as early as next year. Until Bush's comments, the Americans had set Iran's capacity to build a bomb -- within three to ten years -- as the deadline for possible military action. Registration is free. Note the source (horse's mouth). All of this bs about I-P peace is a ruse. Notice how the closer we get to this conference, the more bellicose and fervent the rhetoric of Bush and Cheney about the need to strike Iran.

Israel reassures Turkey over Kurds

Britain backs Israel's call for tougher sanctions on Iran "We are absolutely clear that we are ready and will push for further sanctions against Iran," said Brown after holding talks with his Israeli counterpart in his Downing Street offices.

Incident instilled fear in citizens The USS Liberty incident is just one of a myriad of "operations" throughout U.S. history perpetrated by our government. Mm. I don't know if I agree with that assessment, though I've heard it before.

Paulsen urged to push Iran resolution Making their pleas were U.S. Rep. Tom Lantos (D-Calif.), chairman of the foreign affairs committee, and member Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.)

Mistrial declared in Muslim charity case The prosecution's key witness was a lawyer for the Israeli domestic security agency Shin Bet who testified under a false name. How many failed terror trials does this make now during which the prosecutor's have relied on the testimony of Israeli secret agents, meownders?

Holy Land principals face retrial

Israeli general: Hezbollah strike is legit Israel reserves the right to launch a pre-emptive strike against Hezbollah, a top Israeli general said.

WJC to Austria: Toughen Iran sanctions Austria must toughen sanctions against Iran, the World Jewish Congress head told Austria's chancellor.

Investigative Scholar Says 'Radical Islam' Was Dreamed Up in Israel in the '90s as the 'Glue' to U.S.-Israeli Alliance "There was a feeling in Israel that because of the end of the Cold War, relations with the U.S. were cooling and we needed some new glue for the alliance... And the new glue... was radical Islam. And Iran was radical Islam."

Washington may rethink terror cases after mistrial: experts How much more taxpayer money will be thrown down the toilet based on dubious claims by secret government agents and witchhunts likely egged on by the Israeli lobby, mewonders?

Lebanon's Jumblatt calls on U.S. to impose sanctions on Syria, accuses Hezbollah of political assassinations A senior Lebanese pro-government leader called on the United States on Sunday to impose sanctions against Syria, warning that Lebanon would not enjoy stability and independence as long as Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime was in power.

Photos said to show Israeli target in Syria - paper

Syria to issue ID cards to Golan residents The move aims to "ease the suffering" of the Druze people living on the Golan, caused by "harassment and Israeli human rights violations,"

Mistrial in Muslim charity funding trial deals blow to US ‘war on terror’ Juror William Neal, 33, said the trial fell apart because of a lack of evidence......."I didn't see the defendants giving money to Hamas. They were giving money to the Palestinian people."

Neocons Surge Against Antiwar Movement Pro-Israel and Christian Right groups are attempting to raise $200 million for a campaign calling for war with Iran.

A Former Florida Professor, Al-Arian, Again Rebuffed Over Contempt Citation

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