Sunday, October 28, 2007

Headlines for 10-27-07

Pressure for Turkish military action grows after talks fail The threat of a Turkish military strike on Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq grew Saturday after crisis talks with an Iraqi delegation failed to satisfy Ankara.

France, Saudi concerned over Iran's nuclear programme: Minister French Defence Minister Herve Morin said Saturday that Saudi Arabia and France share a common "concern" over Iran's nuclear programme

Will Bush really bomb Iran? ** A senior Pentagon source, who remembers the growing drumbeat of war before the invasion of Iraq, believes Bush is preparing for military action before he leaves office in January 2009. ?This is for real now. I think he is signalling he is going to do it,? he said.

Edwards raps Clinton, Romney on Iran ** Edwards, a Democratic former senator, said Clinton made a mistake when she voted recently to declare the Iranian Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization because President Bush could use the designation to launch military attacks

Israeli FM to China for Iran sanctions talks Israel has previously described Iran as its principal strategic threat, and earlier this month US President George W. Bush warned of a possible World War III if Tehran acquired nuclear weapons.

Oil Rises to Record Above $91 on Supply Drop, Iran Sanctions

US Military Ignored Evidence of Iraqi-Made EFPs The command, operating under close White House supervision, chose to deny these facts in making the dramatic accusation that became the main rationale for the present aggressive US stance toward Iran.

Perestroika: James Fallows Says "Mainly... Jewish" Faction Pushes for Iran Showdown

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