Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Headlines for 10-16-07

Video: Ron Paul Best OF Five Stars. All Americans should watch this and remember what this country was supposed to be about.

Russia backs Iran nuclear rights Russia's President Vladimir Putin has offered qualified support for Iran's nuclear programme on a visit to Tehran.

Putin invites Ahmadinejad to Moscow

Putin blames 'worn-out' equipment for delay in Iran's nuclear reactor President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday blamed technical problems and worn-out equipment for the delays in completing Iran's first nuclear power plant, being built with Russian help.

Iraq fears action 'may escalate'

Pelosi Rejects Any House Vote On Iranian Revolutionary Guard ** The measure, sponsored by Sens. Joseph I. Lieberman (I-Conn.) and John Kyl (R-Ariz.), passed the Senate last month. And Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) and other critics have said the vote gives the Bush administration a rational for military action in Iran.

Gates Says All Options On Table For Iran ** Among a string of U.S. objectives in the Middle East, Gates listed an Iran that does not build nuclear weapons or ?hold Israel hostage with the threat of attack.?

Clinton would use violence against Tehran

Unfit for command by Patrick J. Buchanan The United States needs to sit down with our Kurdish friends and explain that in return for U.S. protection, they are to rein in the PKK and PEJAK before they drag us into a wider war.

Oil reaches new records above $87 Oil prices have hit record levels above $87 a barrel amid tensions between Turkey and Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq and output concerns.

David Horowitz Slanders Antiwar Activists, Ron Paul

California divesting from Iran

Where Have All the Neocons Gone? If you believe that American citizens who are Muslim should be sent to internment camps, then you?ll love that Giuliani?s advisors are advocating the same thing. Want to invade, or at least bomb, Iran? Well then, Giuliani?s your guy. Believe that aid should be cut to countries that don?t back U.S. policies? Giuliani?s right with you on that one, too.

GOP candidates tell Jewish group Israel's security must be ensured

Lebanon Must End Discrimination Against Its Palestinian Refugees, Charges Amnesty International in New Report The Lebanese government must take concrete steps to end all forms of discrimination against Palestinian refugees, Amnesty International said in a new report launched at a press conference in Beirut today.

GOP candidates make their case at Republican Jewish conference

Candidates need to step up

U.S., Israel to study layered missile defences The United States and Israel agreed to work on a layered missile defence system to intercept ballistic missiles from Iran and Syria and smaller arms like those lobbed from Gaza and Lebanon, officials said on Tuesday.

U.S. too often follows Israel's lead in diplomatic situations By Paul Findley The pro-Israel lobby is not one organization orchestrating U.S. Middle East policy from a backroom in Washington. Nor is it entirely Jewish. It consists of scores of groups -- large and small -- that work at various levels. The largest, most professional, and most effective is the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

Two Palestinians hurt in grenade blast at Lebanon school

Progress in talks on captured Israeli soldiers: Hezbollah

Sneh: Iran could destroy Zionist dream A nuclear Iran could destroy the Zionist dream by deterring immigration to Israel, Labor MK Ephraim Sneh said Sunday.

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