Saturday, October 27, 2007

Headlines for 10-26-07

Iran defiant at new US sanctions

US denies being on warpath with Iran ** LOL.

Iran says it's safe from US attack ** Iran's leadership boasts it is safe from U.S. military action, saying Washington knows an attack would find no world support and send oil prices skyrocketing. That confidence is buoying the government in its standoff with the West, despite new sanctions.

UN's Ban "very worried" on Iran's nuclear progress U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is worried about Iran's nuclear program but hopes a stand-off with the international community can be resolved through dialogue, he said in comments published in Italy on Friday.

We must bomb Iran, says US Republican guru ** The tough message at a time of crisis between the United States and Iraq was delivered by Norman Podhoretz, one of the founders of neoconservatism, who has also imparted his stark advice personally to a receptive President George W. Bush.

A Coalition of the Willing on Iran? to the extent that the latest U.S. moves are used to pressure third-country governments, banks and corporations doing business with Iran, they will be perceived as Washington using its muscle in the international financial system to impose its own Iran policy on others. And resentment may not be the only consequence.

Putin warns of 'missile crisis' Russian President Vladimir Putin said yesterday that the situation surrounding proposed US missile defense facilities in Eastern Europe has similarities to the Cuban missile crisis of the 1960s.

Australia, others, to follow U.S. Iran sanctions: Downer Many nations will follow the United States in slapping sanctions on Iran if it fails to suspend its nuclear enrichment program soon, Australia, a strong U.S. ally, said.

US sanctions will have no affect on Iran: Jalili

Iran reformists warn of isolation over nuclear policy Iran's top reformist party on Friday criticised the foreign policy of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, saying it was bringing the risk of tougher international confrontation over Tehran's nuclear standoff.

Rice downplays differences with Russia over Iran sanctions

Iran courting Arab countries to blunt U.S. hostility The Turkish foreign minister is due in Tehran on Saturday? another coup for Iran as the Bush administration seeks to dissuade Turkey from sending troops into northern Iraq to battle Kurdish militants. In August, Iran began firing artillery into Iraq to counteract what it said were Kurdish rebel groups that had launched attacks in Iran

Interventionism? Isolationism? Actually, Both by Rep. Ron Paul

Phantoms Over Syria by Philip Giraldi The pieces have a common thread: they rely entirely on information provided by Israeli sources without independent corroboration. And the ongoing play they are getting in the international media, without much critical commentary and without direct attribution to Israel, mark them as classic disinformation.

Terror watch list swells to more than 755,000

Palestinians wed in ruins of Lebanon siege camp Surrounded by ruins, a young Palestinian couple on Friday celebrated their wedding in the refugee camp of Nahr al-Bared in northern Lebanon, devastated by more than three months of fighting between the army and Islamists.

Survivors protest at Israel's stance on Armenian genocide This week she joined more than 100 other, rather younger, demonstrators ?about 10 per cent of a once much larger Jerusalem Armenian community dating back to Roman times ? outside the Foreign Ministry. They were protesting against what they believe is the Israeli government's use of its considerable lobbying influence on Capitol Hill to try to thwart the bill which would mean US recognition of the genocide in which 1.5 million Armenians, including Mrs Kevorkian's parents, died.

PresCon, Meridor hail IRGC ban The foreign policy umbrella body for U.S. Jewish groups and the Israeli ambassador to Washington praised the Bush administration for sanctioning an arm of Iran's military.

Experts split as prosecutors consider retrial in Holy Land case Experts are split over whether the Holy Land Foundation terrorism financing case should be retried, and some say the government must establish stronger links between terrorists and U.S.-based charities before future court victories can be expected....the lone Holy Land juror to speak publicly, has lambasted the government's case as shallow and politically driven.

My Weekend with the Survivors of the USS Liberty

Terrorism policy questioned in NYC hearing on scholar's exclusion Ramadan is a Swiss citizen and a visiting fellow at Oxford University in England. He has said he opposes the U.S. invasion of Iraq and U.S policies in Israel and the Palestinian territories, though he opposes terrorism and Islamic extremism and promotes peaceful solutions.

Spain to extradite Syrian arms dealer suspect to U.S.

Prosecutors Should Stop Wasting Money on This Witch Hunts In essence, this was an Israeli trial tried on American soil in which guilt by association was used as a substitute for actual evidence.

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